A Poem About True Love



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True love is giving, participating and growing.
It makes us desire to give what’s best for the other.
It is not self-centered. It does not ask for the benefit of one but of both.
It is open and willing to work things out when the going gets tough.
It cares, accepts and protects.

True love is being responsible for your own happiness so you can share the joy to your partner.
It generates and replenishes strength, inspiration and motivation.
It unloads the burdens of life and heals the pain some people have caused us.
It is forgiving, romantic and friendly.
It teaches us what life is all about and what matters most.

True love is self-discovery and partnership building.
True love balances emotion, thinking and actions.
The journey may not always be smooth sailing but strengthens two loving souls.
At the end of each day, true love gives us joy, peace, balance and sense of completion.


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