Before Deathbed


Live life with the image of a man on his deathbed

So that you’ll be reminded that life is short

And that you should live life to the fullest.

Be courageous to follow your dreams.

Love yourself, embrace your imperfections and be authentic

Say to people important to you what you truly feel.


Let go of hate, bitterness and mistrust

Shut down negative thoughts

Refrain from judging others

Do not get envy of others successes

Desire for wisdom, maturity and humility


Aspire and dream for tomorrow but savor the now

Participate and give your best — let go of the rest

Inspire people and plant good seeds in their spirits

Love, accept and forgive

Think beautiful thoughts and be in gratitude

Don’t mind what others might think and say against you

If it’s not worthy, don’t take it.

But if your soul is sure that it’s worth doing, then go for it.


Never give up on something worthwhile for your life

It is easy to give up if the motives are people and social acceptance

But if the source of your inspiration is your passion and purpose

You will know that nothing will ever go wrong in the end

Difficulties and fear of failure will not rule over your head.


Touch people’s heart

Ignite their spirit

Plant wealth to everyone you meet

Love unconditionally

Because when you are on your deathbed

There’ll be no more chances to grab


So, grab the chances of this lifetime

Be strong and have faith

Forgive and move forward

Take chances and give up frustrations

‘Coz in the end all that will matter is how you lived — not what you had.



Madylene TuazonMadylene Tuazon is a writer and the founder of Creative Thoughts. Her mission in life is to co-create valuable works through writing and encourage creative people to embrace their gifts and share it to the world.

She says, “There is a strong urge from the core of my soul that I have to let my thoughts, wisdom and stories out through a platform that is accessible by people all over the world.”

She is from Manila, Philippines.

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