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Consciousness & Spirituality

When a man wants to achieve higher level of creativity and inspiration, active consciousness has to play big roles all throughout the journey. One can experience consciousness when he becomes aware (feel or intuitively feel) that his spirit coincides with the presence of the Creator.

In the process of creation, God can be around us, in front of us or within us. Whether we are aware of this divine presence or not, if the intention is good and pure, He is there. Goodness and purity of the heart is a manifestation of God’s divinity.


Authenticity and Faith

Consciousness and spirituality are like two interconnecting veins towards the heart of our true self. Consciousness is our gate to authenticity. Spirituality is the food that sustains us to stay true and honest with who we really are.

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Faith, in universal view, is constant. Faith is faith. It is the totality of man’s experiences, beliefs and ways of thinking.

Each experience brings us on the spot wherein we are allowed to choose how to practice faith in our own will. Faith pushes the soul to move on a higher plane of existence and purpose. Our choices in life will define our faith and vice versa.


Start of Pilgrim

Man’s life is a pilgrim. When a man desires to deeply understand faith, he might ask questions like,


"Where does faith comes from?”

“Why is it greatly desired but fails to live by many times?”

— And this is the start of his pilgrim.




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