Conversations with Life

Sunrise in the Desert


Sunrise in the Desert
Sunrise in the Desert (Photo taken by: Chris Tuazon)

The man, in his alone and quiet moments, can’t help but asked questions about humanity, events, beliefs and existence. And this is the beginning of his conversations with life. 

What is the essence of life?

Of existence?

How to attain a happy and successful life?

Peace of heart and mind?

How to find life purpose? How to live it once found?

Am I enough?

I have fears.

I have confusions inside that manifests on the way I see what’s happening around.

In spite all these, I eagerly desire for answers.

Where and when shall I start?

Will I run out of questions about life?


Setting a piece of blank off-white colored paper and pen, I sat on my table and started transferring my thoughts and feelings in words.


And I wrote to Myself:

You are the Master-caretaker of life — the authority and the servant of it all at the same time.

Live life wherein decisions and actions are not govern by ego, money, fear, pretensions and temporary offerings of the world.

Wake up one day at a time with heart still pumping blood all throughout the body; lungs still catching breath so you can continue and grab more chances to hope for the things you wish to experience.

Avoid dreaming that upon waking up, money and success are instant companions. They are results of everything we have thought and worked for. They are not bad. It’s just that nothing comes out from nothing.


Then Guides and Signs speak:

Nobody can exactly tell us how deep and meaningful our life can be. We can always listen and disregard whatever we heard if we want to. Guides and signs are not persisting. They are just there waiting to be grabbed but would never tell us, “Get me. Follow me. Live according by me.”

Life itself wanted to be lived in a very unique manner. It doesn’t want to be copied nor to be the best among others. It wants to be owned by one person who is loving and courageous enough to embrace it, to nurture, to explore and to be accounted for. It doesn’t want to put blame on others. It expects its master-caretaker to take the full responsibility of owning it.


If Life can vocally talk to its master-caretaker, perhaps it would say:

Do not let the world get you. Instead, hold your own universe and take charge of it.

Make an effort to be the creator of your own world without offending nor hurting anybody’s morality.

Don’t waste time focusing your energy on ugly things. Positive and negative energies are always universal and present. As much as you can, choose what brings hope, joy, peace and love.


Then the Master-Caretaker asked Life, “How to choose Hope, Joy, Peace and Love?”

If we will fly outside the atmosphere of the earth, we will see how big and rich the world is. We will see many things to be thankful for and get wondered by the beauty of nature.

Happiness is manufactured inside. It is personal. It is establishing intimate communication with the ever present God. When we are in one with God, our life miraculously shifts to experience hope, joy, peace and love.


Another question arouse, “What will happen if I have God?”

To have God means peace. You will not fear because you know that your Creator is always in-charge of everything about your life.

To have God means love. Love makes you see and feel only the beautiful and wonderful. Love makes you accept, understand and respect what are not pleasing to your acquired beliefs and principles.

To have God means security and purity. The mind and heart will have this image of God who is always perfect and in control. This truth will make us feel in all circumstances,


“Oh, there’s nothing to worry about! God is in control.” 

Alone and quiet moments sometimes bring us life questions one after another.

We seek for answers believing that it will lead us to who we are and where we are meant to go in this lifetime.

Just remember:

Not all the answers found are true to us. Trust only the questions answered with an honest heart and full of love.

“To every question, love is the answer.”



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