What is Creativity?

Internet evolution, specifically the social media gives the power to create and innovate new ideas with greater freedom and wider range of audience.

Internet and social media broke what was confined and constructed niche and bridges for unique and beautiful ideas of courageous dreamers who have been diligent in honing and believing in their core geniuses.

We are now more confident and natural in expressing our take on the matters of our interests. We can freely share to the world our thoughts and inner conversations that keep playing in our heads, with hopes that it can touch other people’s hearts — and that is creativity.


Creativity is a Process

Creativity is a process. It starts when a thought or idea is conceived by the mind. These thoughts sometimes come from a particular inspiration that we encountered. Other times, where it is coming from remains a mystery to us.

When a man decided to listen and entertain his inspired thought, he will take the process to the next level — put thoughts into reality by doing necessary actions, establishing a firm mindset and character until it comes to fruition. The fruits of creativity show up in the form of written words, lyrics and  melodies, arts and crafts, visuals, style and choreographies.


Creativity Defined

One of the revolutionary writers today, Elizabeth Gilbert [author of the best-selling book Eat, Pray, Love] impeccably put it all in her most creative way the definition of creativity:


“Creativity is a crushing core and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic



In my personal relationship with creativity, I discovered what it meant for me.

“Creativity is believing in the power of our minds and living by it. Its profound sense of freedom stirs the core of our soul, gives birth to limitlessness, openness to the non-existent, genuine bravery and befriending our fears.”





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