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People come and go - and it's okay


"One day you will wake up with changed priorities in life. The people you used to be with will take their separate paths.


People come and go not because they are bad. It happens because life is a journey - always moving - one experience at a time."

They say that time heals all wounds but how long then?


“When someone leaves, all we can send them is our letting go. Forgiveness and healing come to those who are truly able to let go.”


“No one can carry the pain for us. It is a strong intimacy between the person and the pain. It cannot be measured numerically nor can be described using the words we know.

Hone Your Patience


Our life is a journey of discovering patience in each step we take.


Patience in our unique creations. Patience in the process of starting from nothing to creating something that we believe in...

The Voice


In the stillness of spirit, you will be able to listen to your heart. When you listen, you will hear the voice that will direct you to your true path – the path to clarity, bravery and perseverance. However, the voice is not easy to recognize.

When You Try, You Live More

Creative Thoughts - When You Try You Live More

Live in the now. Use the life and time given to you wisely. Enjoy what you have while they last. Your dream job, relationships and personal growth - enjoy them and learn from the experiences they have to offer.

The world taught us that perfection is like a white blank paper — blemish-free, clean and unwritten.

Life is a cycle


Life is a cycle - and we are all meant to live by it.
There are days when it feels easy; and there are days that we don't like what is happening to us.

We even ask, "When will I be completely happy? When will I be free from concerns?"



Embracing Oneself



To the person who was never known to be pretty,
I'm glad you've conquered insecurities.
To the person who was known to be strong and witty,
I'm glad you've accepted that you are weak and lacking.

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To write and produce blogs, e-books and tools that will reconnect people with their inner self, awaken their soul and live their purpose.


Madylene Tuazon

Madylene Tuazon is the main Writer and publisher at Creative Thoughts. Her mission in life is to co-create valuable works through writing and publication.


She says, “There is a strong urge from the core of my soul that I have to let my thoughts, wisdom and stories out through a platform that is accessible by people all over the world.”


She is from Manila, Philippines.

13754554_10209001558171592_2160090903019898540_nNeri Torres is a writer, blogger and traveller.


She is a natural story-teller, a proficient editor and has great fascination in calligraphy and creativity.


Get to know more about her soul through her personal blogsite at www.ninyanerisa.com.



April Carlen Ardoña is a wife, mother and an aspiring writer and blogger. Her gift in writing captures readers' hearts with her unique and authentic voice.


Get to know more about her  at www.ipingsays.wordpress.com.