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Embracing Oneself - To The Person Who

To the person who was always by herself, I'm glad you've stopped looking for love outside your heart. Because love is within, strength is personal, and to conquer is grace.

Conversations With Life

Life itself wanted to be lived in a very unique manner. It doesn’t want to be copied nor to be the best among others. It wants to be owned by one person who is loving and courageous enough to embrace it, to nurture, to explore and to be accounted for. It doesn’t want to put blame on others. It expects its master-caretaker to take the full responsibility of owning it.

What Love Can Do To Us

But how can we know that we are ready? No one is ready when it comes to the matters of the heart. Because love is a teacher. We can never be ready in handling love because choosing to love is giving ourselves permission to learn something we do not know yet.

Letters to the Young People of the World - 1st Letter in Madrid

The 1st letter intends to communicate to the young people of the world a perspective on love. This is the first of the three parts series of Rosa’s journey wherein she met love in her typically busy and distracted world. life.

Letters to the Young People of the World - 2nd Letter in Dubai

The 2nd letter to the young people of the world speaks of balance. The sender wrote the letter to open Rosa’s eyes the importance of balance and success in her pressure-filled life as a young businesswoman.

Letters to the Young People of the World - 3rd Letter in Thailand

The 3rd (and the last) letter to the young people of the world calls to “have courage and be kind” in this critical world. Rosa finally understood and accepted life as it is. She has to face it with courage and kindness wherever it leads her.

How Can I Find My Life Purpose

The man took the risk and armored himself with courage and trust to the universe that someday… everything will turn out more than fine. Finding his life purpose is what matters to him most that moment. And whatever matters to the heart is always worth the ‘trouble’.

A Poem About True Love

True love is self-discovery and partnership building.
True love balances emotion, thinking and actions.
The journey may not always be smooth sailing but strengthens two loving souls.
At the end of each day, true love gives us joy, peace, balance and sense of completion.

Before Deathbed

Live life with the image of a man on his deathbed
So that you’ll be reminded that life is short
And that you should live life to the fullest.
Be courageous to follow your dreams.

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