How Can I Find My Life Purpose


“What’s my life purpose?”

A question knocked onto the man’s heart.

A voice from the outside whispered, “Why are you bothering to ask? Does it matter to you?”

The man answered,

“Yes, it matters to me. A lot.
Why? I don’t know why.
All I know is that questions of the heart are always important.

Whatever it is…”


So, he decided to ignore the outside voice and spend the next days decoding, understanding and knowing his life purpose.


Days passed. The question was still strong in his heart but no answer was coming out.


Along the way, he conceived a brilliant idea. “I am going to try various things. I will follow the prompts of my soul and act on it.”

His energy and confidence was so high.


Months passed. He got busy and exhausted. He told himself,
“What have I been doing? Nothing’s happening. I can’t still find my life purpose. I’m tired, sick and depressed. I think it’s time to give up.”


So, he gave up. He went back to his old life where there are no questions from the heart to listen. No confusions and actions to take.


Weeks passed. He soaked himself at his usual work and spent great time with friends. He was tired and happy. He thought he was so fine until he heard the familiar voice of his heart again.

“What’s my life purpose?”
“I’m feeling empty. What is happening to me?”


Deciding to go back to his old life and shutting his ears to the questions of his heart made him more troubled and confused than ever.

“What am I supposed to do?” he cried to the sky one gloomy night.


“Return to the journey of the questions of the heart…”
the voice within him whispered.


He realized that every time he would listen to his heart, it is worth the ‘trouble’.


The man took the risk and armored himself with courage and trust to the universe that someday… everything will turn out more than fine. Finding his life purpose is what matters to him most that moment. And whatever matters to the heart is always worth the ‘trouble’.


Few years passed. Within those years, the man experienced circumstances in life he would never experience if he did not choose to be courageous in answering the questions of his heart.


He is now a purposeful man.




From the window side of the plane, he could see that he was above the clouds. He’s flying back to his hometown after leaving it for the sake of finding his life purpose.

He started picturing what had happened in his life. He can’t help but smile as he recalled the lessons and wisdom he learned. And if he will be asked by people what he had acquired from listening and following his heart, he will tell them:


"Question, if came from an innocent heart, is good. It is like a knock from the other side of the door. You will not figure out what’s on the other side if you won’t open the door and welcome the visitor.

It’s quite scary though.

Question allows us to feel fear. What is not yet known to us is scary. There will be doubts and resistance to ask the hardest questions of the heart. As much as we can, we will avoid to face what’s uncomfortable to our usual way of living.

But remember, question is an important message delivered indirectly. So that we could use our ‘own will’ and power to interpret what our life should be. Only the man is always accountable to see, magnify and act on his life.


Just right after the question is fear. We will see ourselves standing onto the thin border line that separates fear from courage. We will feel a certain force called “entanglement” where in fear is trying to eat us alive while the courage that lies within our soul is commanding us to fight, go on and give it a try.


This is my message to all those who’ll choose bravery over fear…

All of us are capable of conquering our fears. But not all of us are choosing bravery over fear. I, myself, whenever experiencing the “force of entanglement” is still experiencing the tendency of choosing fear over being brave.

I did several decisions in my life where I chose fear. Good thing about it was I didn’t spend too much energy to get out of my comfort zone. I was so comfortable.

But there were questions in my life that my gut feel told me that I have to seek for answers. No matter what it takes… My gut feel makes no promises of how much money I could make nor the assurance of success. It had promised me one thing…

…that once I follow the prompts of my soul, there will be no room for regrets.

Life is too short to miss the path we are strongly called to walk on thru.



It is scary. It will ask you to do a lot of hard-work, diligence, sacrifices, strength of the spirit and faith. But the journey will also be full of love. Because the heart knows only love. It knows where our happiness is – our treasure. The digging of the treasure will never be easy and quick but the treasure is just beneath those thick, dirty soil.

"Man, you only have this present lifetime to listen to your heart, to choose to be brave, to conquer one fear after another, to be vulnerable to losing and winning and to learn what faith truly means."

If there is one thing that strongly helped me to face the journey surrounded by fears and be courageous was when I finally learned to let go my attachments to the promises of the world. Instead, I decided to build attachment only to the voice of my soul. Anchoring myself only to what the Divine planted in my spirit. Knowing that it’s from God, it is what is meant for my valuable life. And that is faith.

You are here on earth to co-create something. Whatever you do now, do it with joy. Whatever the reason for doing what you do, as long as it is not offending other people’s morality, it is always worth the time and energy. Own your life. It is always good to be courageous and free.


Madylene TuazonMadylene Tuazon is a writer and the founder of Creative Thoughts. Her mission in life is to co-create valuable works through writing and encourage creative people to embrace their gifts and share it to the world.

She says, “There is a strong urge from the core of my soul that I have to let my thoughts, wisdom and stories out through a platform that is accessible by people all over the world.”

She is from Manila, Philippines.

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