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Journey To Inspiration 

During the course of writing and putting my works into this platform, part of my journey was to discover how every morning, I would be able to get up from bed with an instant grace from the universe the right kind of inspiration I need prior to hitting the keys of my computer.

In The Founder page, you can read where I came from, how did I begin, and how I keep the inspiration alive to keep going with my purpose and passion.


Spark, Sensation and Presence

Inspiration, more than an instantaneous tingling sensation (others call it “spark”) is always present. Creativity happens when we tune ourselves to the inspiration that is just waiting beside us. It is just there waiting to open the door of our soul and entertain it through diligent and persevering work.


Creative Thoughts, My Inspiration

Creative Thoughts started from inspiration and will continue to exist according to its purpose because of inspiration.

I failed on so many decisions for so many times. But a persistent inspiration keeps on shaking my spirit and calling me to trust it. The inner voice keeps yelling:

“Go! Write it. Build it. Participate to the world through it.”


I decided to give it a chance. All I know is that among all other inspirations that have visited me in the past, this one is clear, consistent and makes me feel that it totally belongs to me and won’t go anywhere but to me.

This is the kind of inspiration that is permanent. I know it won’t leave me because this is my purpose — this is what I am meant to co-create in this lifetime. I call this inspiration Creative Thoughts and you have just found it. 😃


More Than Bare Thoughts

Inspiration and wisdom are more than bare thoughts. They are active forces that keep us fueled in doing things that we’ve got to do and to continuously remind us why we do the things that we do.




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