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Letters & Poetry

Letters and poetry are creative feelings that were beautifully transcribed. They capture the waves of one’s emotion and inspiration.

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Writing Letter to Someone

Writing letter to someone is a brave act…

The pen acts as the sword and blank paper as the arena — and the war come into various sorts — of love, pain, loneliness, anger and happiness.

It is like taking off your clothes on a winter.

It is showing and sharing your vulnerability to someone that might make or break your heart.

There is no assurance on anything on this planet so as with writing letters to someone. But the irony is we still choose to write — a war that writers will always choose to take.



Almost similar to writing letters, poetry is an elusive form of expression. One can compose a poetry directly to a specific person, to group of people or to some kind of random thoughts. It can be a random call of inspiration about life musings and wonders — waiting to be expressed.





Writing letters and poetry are creative ways of expressing personal thoughts, feelings and connection to a person’s heart.

This is Creative Thoughts platform for readers and writers who wish to share their inspired letters and poetry to the world.

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