Letters to the Young People of the World: 1st Letter in Madrid


Synopsis: The 1st letter intends to communicate with Rosa what love is – a different perspective of love, perhaps far from what we hear and deeper than what we feel.

This is the first of the three-part series of Rosa’s journey wherein she met love in her typically busy and noisy world.



This is a short narration of a young woman’s life named Rosa.

Rosa is on the peak of expanding her business skills. She is young, unmarried and passionate in what she does. Her family is the wealthiest in town, owning and managing group of companies in the country. In spite the wellness in life, Rosa stays simple, humble and well-mannered.

It was morning and she was packing her stuff inside a traveling bag. In a few hours, she will be flying to Madrid, Spain to present and collaborate with potential business partners there. This is the first of the three countries that she has to visit for their family business expansion.

The doorbell of her hotel room rang. When she opened the door, a smiling bellhop handed her a lengthy narrow brown box. As she opened the box, inside were three pieces of carnation flowers and a letter. With increasing curiosity, she opened and read the letter.




Dear Rosa,

You’ve been working hard and diligently which is good for you because it is helping you to learn, grow and evolve for the dreams that you wanted to come true. But don’t forget Love. I will share with you what I know about love.

Love must be found, understood and strongly established within yourself. It is called self-love.

Self-love can make you see possibilities beyond what you can perceive now. It will give you enough strength to act on your dreams.

But what is self-love? How can you attain it?

Self-love is coming into the consciousness that you are part of God. All of us are part of God. It is embracing the truth about yourself that you are a unique piece from God and cannot be compared to anybody else in this world.

However, from the day we were born, we forgot who we really are because the world is always trying to control us.

The world dictates us what we should be and how we should live. It steals our freedom. It programs our mind to have fear instead of love. And because of that, most of us end up ignoring the voices inside our hearts that reveal our true purpose and desire.

Love is not controlling. It is allowing, giving and freeing. Love is listening and honoring one’s true calling.

Creating love within you will lead you to the discovery of your purpose. When you have love within, the desire to share it to the world will grow exponentially. Your soul knows that the world needs love and you want to become part of it.

However, you might find “living in purpose” difficult because the world might go against you. People will see you as rule breaker. But because you want freedom from these manipulative standards, you’ve got to stand for what you believe God created you to be.

Put love in all that you do as much as you can, so that nobody can bring you down.

When you fail to love in some circumstances, do not be hard on yourself. Failure is a thing of the past. Let it go and live in the present.

When you allow your presence to be in the present, you are giving yourself the unending grace of forgiveness and chances to change what needs to be changed.

But because the world doesn’t want to set us free, it would control us by planting fears and limitations in our hearts.

Your challenge is to leave the world of fear and start to live in love. Have faith in the truth that says:

“Love casts out fear. There is no fear in love.”

Rosa, live to love.

As you go through the seasons of life, wherever it takes you, live to love.

To continue to love, you must forgive.

Forgiveness is not losing something in you. It is giving so that you may gain.

That’s all for now, Rosa. Enjoy your journey. ‘Till next! 


There was no closing salutation written on the letter. Her face went blank as her thoughts started to ramble. Just a few minutes ago she was consumed with concerns about her business trip but now all she could feel is the force inside that stirs her soul. She was familiar with this force. It had visited her many times before but she chose to ignore. As she recalled how the force has been persistent to get her attention, tingling sensation started to roll over her body. It was like déjà vu and the letter was a portal that brings her back to where it is meant to be. She wondered who the sender was.

They say that unexpected things that appear peculiarly are messages from the universe to guide us to our destiny. Whoever the letter sender was, Rosa knew that it is the universe speaking to her because it’s been quite a while now since she was not giving herself love.

She breathed in the scent of carnation flowers – it was gentle and soothing to the spirit. As the breath started to fill in her body, she felt love and liberty. The pressures inside started to leave her mind and body.

“Self-love. I need to love myself more.” she told herself.

Rosa flew to Madrid with a commitment to herself that in all that she does, she will live to love. This was her business trip in Madrid all about – setting aside what she had achieved and gained from her professional life, she learned what love is.

Every journey has a guiding message to tell and a lesson to learn. 

- End of journey in Madrid -



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