Letters to the Young People of the World: 3rd Letter in Thailand


Synopsis: The 3rd letter was sent to Thailand that calls to “have courage and be kind” in this critical world. Rosa finally understood and accepted life as it is. She has to face it with courage and kindness wherever it leads her.



Rosa wanted to figure out where the flowers and letters were coming from. However, she decided to not dwell on it too long. In her prayer, she offered gratitude to God and blessed the secret sender – whoever he is.

She started to feel lighter knowing that the whole business trip is about to end. One last country to visit and she could go back home to give herself opportunity to rest, relax and ponder about her life.

She checked her wrist watch. It’s fifteen minutes before her business presentation to potential business partners in Thailand. A waiter approached her on the table and asked if she needs anything.

“Just a glass of water on my table,” she replied.

To her surprise, the waiter served a bouquet of one dozen red roses. He said nothing and left immediately.

Red roses made her smile. Her nervousness turned into comfort. As expected, there was another letter slipped inside the bouquet. She still has fifteen minutes before presenting in front of elite businessmen of Thailand. She inhaled deeply and started to read.



Dear Rosa,

Red roses look good on you because they are you. Roses. Rosa. You are one with them.

Have you heard the story of Cinderella? Everybody knows her. But do you know her mother? No, not the cruel stepmother but her biological mother.

Her true mother, who died young, left her a treasure that guided her to the journey of happily ever after.

The treasure is this: “Have courage and be kind.”

Sweet and well-meant words from Cinderella’s mom.

You are like Cinderella. You are beautiful, worthy of your desires and deserve to live happily. But the world is crazy – continuously giving us struggles and heartaches. Crazy world makes us feel that we are not good enough to create and do something we are passionate about.

People are critical and cruel sometimes. One day they will praise you, the next day they will offend you. They will love you, then they will hurt you.

But please know that no matter how much cruelty the world has, you have the power to see it the other way around. Have the courage to face it. Do not resist nor run away from it. On facing the world, offer kindness as much as you can.

By doing that, you are also doing yourself a favor. Living courageously and being kind are your armor and sword to survive happily in this lifetime.

When you are tired and weak, take a break from the world, attend to yourself and rest. Be courageous enough to accept yourself when you are weak. Be kind to yourself by taking breaks and surrounding your mind with new experiences.

Do not forget that you are worthy of your desires. Be brave to fulfill it whatever it takes.

Remember that you are special in God’s eyes because you really are. Go back to Him every time you will lose sight of love, bravery and kindness. Ask grace to see what is good, loving and peaceful.

Rosa, there are so many ways to live your life. Choose what are true to you and it will manifest in your life. Choose well so that you may live well.

Above all, don’t forget to love.

Until the next season of your journey. This is the last letter for now.

I’m happy to speak to you,


Upon reading the letter, Rosa felt like she was transported to a different world, a familiar one but can’t exactly figure out if she’d really been there or if it does really exist. How is it possible to remember a place that in the first place does not exist? The three letters from the mysterious sender graced her many lessons about life and she can’t help herself to keep looking for more. The more she learns, the more questions she gets.

She folded the letter and kept it inside her notebook. She knows that her new life is about to begin but for now, she has to stand up with courage and authenticity in front of the businessmen of Thailand.


- End of journey in Thailand -



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