Life is a cycle




Life is a cycle - and we are all meant to live by it.
There are days when it feels easy; and there are days that we don't like what is happening to us.

We are happy one day and become hopelessly tired tomorrow.

We even ask, "When will I be completely happy? When will I be free from concerns?"

We will never arrive to the answer of these questions because life is a cycle.
Our life is not a figurine display nor a painting that stays wherever we placed it.

Life is moving – and so we have to keep going.
We are not meant to look for forever laughter and comfort because Life is a combination of joys and challenges.

We are here to love. And maybe to learn about love.

To love every person we meet by being kind and understanding;

To love the work that we have no matter how tiring it is;

To love everything that experiences will bring us.

Life may be tiring and confusing but we have to keep going.

It is okay that not all days are okay. Whatever we are going through, we are here to grow in experience. We are here to learn and accept that we are human beings who go through cycles.

Stop asking "when" and start embracing the present time.

Because the only real thing that we can have is now.



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