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Without love gives no existence to relationship. Love and relationship always come together. Relationship is the fruit of love that is expressed and realized.


Loving Oneself

One form of love-relationship connection is loving ourselves. When we love ourselves, it will result to building a relationship with who and what we are. We will start taking care of our health, physical appearance, managing our thinking and emotions. Self-love also results to our relationship with the Divine, relationship with our life partner, children, family and community. Love is the fuel to skyrocket our actions and to express our intention of building relationship with others.

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Impossible to Live Without Love

Every man has own unique and individual purpose in life. A writer’s purpose is to write books; an educator’s purpose is to teach and educate learners; a traveler’s purpose is to go to different places of the world and encounter different nations.

Love is our universal purpose. We are created by Love, from love, for love and with love — our purpose is love because we are love. This is why it is impossible for a man to live without love because a man himself is love.


Because love is our universal purpose, it gives us sense of completion and drive to always look forward to live. More than the desire to love and to be loved, we need it. We need it not because we are weak but because we are strong and courageous — to always choose love even if pain and sacrifices go along with it.




What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the word “love”?

Perhaps, it could be romance, the one, soulmates and happily ever after.

On one hand, it could be love for the family, love for the community or love for the poor — and these are what Creative Thoughts is going to share — the faces, forms and perspectives of love.

Love heals. Love accepts. Love is sharing your life with others. If you have articles and stories to share about love and relationships, click here at How To Become A CT Contributor.



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