Stick to those who are not just part of your life but a part of your soul.

One day you will wake up with changed priorities in life.

The people you used to be with will take their separate paths.

They will see you as someone who walked away but you know that you didn't.

Even so, you will see them who walked away from you but they didn't.

Don't get sad when that time comes. There will always be people who will stick around. One, two or three persons - and that's okay.

People come and go not because they are bad. It happens because life is a journey - always moving - one experience at a time.

Live well with a grateful heart. God always stays.

Keep Him in your heart always.


Madylene TuazonMadylene Tuazon is a writer and the founder of Creative Thoughts. Her mission in life is to co-create valuable works through writing and encourage creative people to embrace their gifts and share it to the world.

She says, “There is a strong urge from the core of my soul that I have to let my thoughts, wisdom and stories out through a platform that is accessible by people all over the world.”

She is from Manila, Philippines.


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