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A Story of Purpose

A young boy who is very fascinated about dinosaurs, space and universe dreamt of becoming a scientist someday. Then his mother told him,

“My son, I gave birth to you so that the world will have a great scientist, did you know that? That is part of your destiny. Do you love that?”

The honesty on her smile for his son added strength on her statement.

“Really, Mom? I knew it. I could feel what you are trying to explain. I will do everything so that I will become one.”, the young boy told his mother.


Pursuing Purpose

Finding one’s life purpose can be as simple as what happened to the young boy.

He just knew it.

In order to find it, we have to connect the dots in our life.

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When you have a particular thing that you always enjoy and love to do, you feel it because there is a reason. Nothing just happens in life. Circumstances and the people we meet give us signals where to go, what to do and what life has for us.

Life purpose can be realized by connecting life signals and what our Creator will tell us.

Life purpose is a strong direction from the universe and following it brings ultimate worth and meaning to life.


“Obeying our purpose results to success, peace and happiness.”

Knowing and pursuing purpose gives us a bliss that gives satisfaction to the heart and completion to the soul.




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