Quick Read: Embracing Oneself




To the person who was never known to be pretty,
I'm glad you've conquered insecurities.
To the person who was known to be strong and witty,
I'm glad you've accepted that you are weak and lacking.
To the person who never desired to be treated like a princess,
I'm glad you've found comfort in not wearing a diamond ring.
To the person who was always by herself,
I'm glad you've stopped looking for love outside your heart.
Because love is within, strength is personal, and to conquer is grace.




Madylene TuazonMadylene Tuazon is the main Writer and publisher at Creative Thoughts. Her mission in life is to co-create valuable works through writing and publication.

She says, “There is a strong urge from the core of my soul that I have to let my thoughts, wisdom and stories out through a platform that is accessible by people all over the world.”

She is from Manila, Philippines.




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2 thoughts on “Quick Read: Embracing Oneself

  1. Hi PRC Buddy,

    You may not remember me, but I remember you so well. We first met when both of us started to dream and applied for that dream to come true. I remember so clearly; You were having some trouble because there’s nothing you can use to paste your ID picture on your application form. Me, on the other hand, did not hesitate to let you borrow mine and the rest was history.

    Anyway, I thanked God for giving us the opportunity to meet and have seen you grow and reached for everything you have prayed for. I am really happy for you.

    God bless you always on your journey and always be happy.

    1. Buddy! Of course I remember you! How can I forget!? So glad you found me here on my website. How are you?

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