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Madylene Tuazon

Hello Creatives!

My name is Madylene Tuazon, the founder of Creative Thoughts. This particular post is the story of my personal journey and how I came to realize that I want to create an online platform for creative people like us.


I was six years old when I knew that I wanted to become a writer. I would often write secretly in one corner of our house using the blank pages of my school notebook. I didn’t tell my parents that I wanted to become a writer because I fear that they will not understand and support me. One usual morning, I told my father that I love to write and this is what he told me, “Writer? It is not a good career. It will not give you money to bring food on the table when you grow up.”


I was right, they will not support me on the thing that makes me happy.


Growing up, I would still sneak moments to write but I started to lose confidence in myself. I was bad at grammar and knew very little in vocabulary. “I couldn’t be a writer,” I told myself.


When I was nearing to finish high school, I started considering what college course should I take. Deep in my heart, all I wanted to do is write and take a creative writing course. But every time I dream of that, the voice of my father would play inside my head… “Writer? It is not a good career. It will not give you money to bring food on the table when you grow up.”


Having all the fears that I will be judged by the people around me and the insecurity that I was not good at writing, I pursued a different path. I took civil engineering in a university and eventually became a professional engineer. I worked as an engineer for eight years but never did I forget writing.


Writing is more than a career. It is my passion. It is the only thing I know that I am meant to do. I kept on writing and learning. Little by little, I was improving. People started to notice my works and appreciate my thoughts, stories and ideas. Those who believed in me helped me to believe in myself again. I started writing blogs and meeting creative people here and there.


The feeling of not getting the support and help from the people around me to pursue my passion is not the best feeling in the world. Many times, I thought of giving up and forget everything about my craft but I realized that these challenges are just part of the process to test how much heart and passion do I really have. Because of this, I developed a big heart for other dreamers and aspiring creative people to also inspire and help them do their passion no matter what it takes. Hence, Creative Thoughts was born.


Keep creating. Never fear showing your craft to the world because creativity is not a competition. Creativity is a mission.


Keep creating,






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