The Voice


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It was already late night and my soul craves to create something new (in form of writing, of course).

I can hear the universe calling me to get up and do something about an energy that wanted to exist through me. And so, he re-energized my tired body and spirit. I forgot my desire to sleep. Inspiration started flowing. The universe is instructing me to make a dream come true – one at a time. All he wants from me is to get up and take actions.


The Voice

In the stillness of spirit, you will be able to listen to your heart. When you listen, you will hear the voice that will direct you to your true path – the path to clarity, bravery and perseverance. However, the voice is not easy to recognize. It takes great amount of strong desire and commitment. You have to be patient until it reveals itself to you. You will know if this is the voice and life that you are meant to live – because a free-flowing harmony will occur between the two of you.


If you feel that you have been waiting for so long to hear it, do not lose heart. It is the sound that is worth the wait because someday it will make you dance that will take you to who you are and what you are meant to do in this lifetime.


Do not be afraid to take time and listen to the voice within your soul. It has to be recognized and honored – and you are meant to give life to it. Be brave to take this responsibility whatever it takes. Do not fear to give up what you already have in comfort that doesn’t bring you genuine happiness and purpose. Because if you will be brave enough to listen and act on your dream, the universe will give all the things that you need in order to bring it to reality.


May you take time to be still.

May you hear the voice that stirs inside of you.

May you have courage to recognize and honor it.

May you always find your way back to what you are meant to be doing.

Because when you do, peace and happiness will be all over you.

Isn’t it that’s what we all want? Isn’t it that’s what we all need?

May you never get tired. May you not stop until you hear. May you dance in harmony.


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She is from Manila, Philippines.






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