They say that time heals all wounds but how long then?


There was a teenage orphan boy who decided to look for his biological father and ask him the questions that he learned to ask himself during his stay in the orphanage. On his quest, he met an old man who can barely walk straight without his wooden staff.

The old man asked the boy to sit with him under the shade of a tree nearby. “My back is aching, sit with me and rest.”

The boy decided to stick with the old man since he realized that it is lonely to go on a journey alone. When they were settled under the tree, he looked at the old man’s face and said, “You are old. The lines on your face tell so. It seems like life had already taught you many things.”

“Indeed,” the old man answered looking straight.

“I wonder if you can answer my questions I gained inside the orphanage,” the boy whispered but not expecting any answer from the old man.

“You will never know what you can get if you will not try to look for it.”

With a deep sigh, the boy started narrating. “I was only two years old when my mother left me in the orphanage. As I grew up, I started to wonder why she had to leave me under other people’s care. Doesn’t she love me? Normal kids have their own parents and siblings. My mother destroyed my chance to live a normal life. I don’t know who she is. All I know about her is she caused me pain for leaving me in the orphanage. Perhaps, she had no love for her child.

“There were times that I don’t want to remember her anymore. I succeeded on that many times. But the pain she gave me? It’s always been here in my heart. I can forget the person who caused the pain, but the pain itself – it seems to never go away.”

“What is your question then?”, the old man asked.

“This pain. They say that time heals all wounds but how long then? How long do I have to wait until it goes away? I don’t want to wait long and forever,” tears on his eyes started to show up.

The old man felt the young man’s heart,

“You need to be desperate enough to get out of pain. It is a process. First, your emotions will devour you – anger, grief, regret and doubts – you have to be patient with yourself and the agonies it will bring you. You should never give up. No one can escape the part of this process. The mind and spirit have to go through it because this is why we exist – to learn and evolve through love and pain.

“There are two kinds of people who go through pain. The first kind is the one who chooses to give up because all he could see is that the universe is against him. The second one is he who chooses to look for a drop of light inside a room full of darkness.

“Seek and you shall find. When you choose to see light, it will reveal itself to you. The one who is desperate enough to get out of pain will seek for it. If he will not give up, healing will come,” the old man explained.

“It feels like forever. I am not sure if I can wait and be patient with this difficult process,” the boy replied looking down as if talking to the grass that circles the tree.


“Transform your waiting into fighting. It is a battle of choosing what to believe, either the universe is against you or it is there to nurture your soul.”

“No one can carry the pain for us. It is a strong intimacy between the person and the pain. It cannot be measured numerically nor can be described using the words we know.

“Somewhere along the road, pain comes by because we tried but failed; loved but left behind; dreamed but nobody believed; did something good but got criticized,” the old man went on and stood up on his feet with the support of his wooden staff.

The boy tried to look up on his eyes but the old man has no plan to look back. “I want to transform this waiting into fighting. But I don’t know where to start,” he whispered sadly.


“First, you should get up on your feet. You cannot start without making a way to get up. When you do, these have to follow – accept that you are here to learn what life is about through experiences and so we have to experience joy and sadness. Surrender the things you cannot control and then forgiveness will come,” he looked at the boy with eyes saying good bye.


“Thank you. I’m glad we’ve met even for a short journey,” the boy slightly smiled.


“When someone leaves, all we can send them is our letting go. Forgiveness and healing come to those who are truly able to let go.”

The old man continued on his journey and did not wait for the boy who was sitting still under the tree.


Madylene TuazonMadylene Tuazon is a writer and the founder of Creative Thoughts. Her mission in life is to co-create valuable works through writing and encourage creative people to embrace their gifts and share it to the world.

She says, “There is a strong urge from the core of my soul that I have to let my thoughts, wisdom and stories out through a platform that is accessible by people all over the world.”

She is from Manila, Philippines.

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