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Inpsiration & Wisdom

Inspiration and wisdom are more than bare thoughts. They are active forces that keep us fueled in doing things that we’ve got to do and to continuously remind us why we do the things that we do.

Creativity happens when we tune ourselves to the inspiration that is just waiting beside us. It is just there waiting to open the door of our soul and entertain it through diligent and persevering work.

Pursuing Purpose

Life purpose is a strong direction from the universe and following it brings ultimate worth and meaning to life.
Knowing and pursuing purpose gives us a bliss that gives satisfaction to the heart and completion to the soul.

Love & Relationships

Love and relationship give us sense of completion and drive to always look forward to live. More than the desire to love and to be loved, we need it. We need it not because we are weak but because we are strong and courageous — to always choose love even if pain and sacrifices go along with it.

Consciousness & Spirituality

Consciousness and spirituality are like two interconnecting veins towards the heart of our true self. Consciousness is our gate to authenticity. Spirituality is the food that sustains us to stay true and honest with who we really are.

Letters & Poetry

Letters and poetry are creative feelings that were beautifully transcribed.

They capture the waves of one’s emotion and inspiration.