Who We Are & How We Can Help You

  • Creative Thoughts is an online platform with the mission to help creative people from different avenues (writing, painting, photography, music, arts & crafts, etc.) to share to the world their creative works and geniuses.
  • We are committed in giving inspiration and motivation to aspiring creatives and dreamers to embrace their gifts and commit on improving through consistent practice.
  • We envision to build a strong community of creatives who support and help each other in overcoming fears, self-doubt, judgement and other challenges that will come along the way.
  • Creative Thoughts is also for the people who loves and appreciate the beauty behind every creative masterpiece. 



What We Believe In

We believe that all forms of creativity help people to connect with their inner being – who they really are and what they are made for. By exhibiting creative works from our featured artists, we are participating in the evolution of people’s journey in discovering  passion and purpose in life.