What Love Can Do to Us?


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If we will let go the idea of romanticizing love, Love will unfold its true meaning. In the course of relationship, we will realize that ecstasy of being in love is just a small portion of what love is.


Love, more than what we feel, is about opening our eyes that we are welcoming a different person in our life — far from who and what we are.


Love is a calling. If you think you are called to welcome, cater, ramble and make peace over and over with a totally different person — far from who and what you are — then go ahead, give it a chance and allow the experience to teach you what needs to be learned.

But how can we know that we are ready? No one is ready when it comes to the matters of the heart. Because love is a teacher. We can never be ready in handling love because choosing to love is giving ourselves permission to learn something we do not know yet. Love teaches. If we are not learning from it, is it love?

Experiencing Love dissolves many illusions. Love is now. It only becomes forever when two people choose to stay in love together one day at a time.

When the energy of love moves within and around us, it shakes us. It will bring us to different views, places and persona.

We do not have power over Love because love is what gives us the power to continue. We cannot predict what it can do to us. The only power we have is the power to control our own thoughts and feelings. When we realize that the only power given to us [in the relationship] is the power to see and become aware of what kind of person we are, we will stop judging and desiring for more than what the other person can be.

We will stop seeing what’s wrong.

Baggage in the heart will lighten.

Conflicts will lessen. Peace will manifest.

Respect, acceptance and forgiveness will always be in charge to whatever lies ahead on the next days of love.

When the relationship seems turning out as a mess, it is not the best option to talk to the beloved first and make things out. [In my personal view] It is more proper to talk to God first and ask for the grace to correct what needs to be corrected in our own self.

Relationship, in its most normal state, encounters challenges not because we chose the wrong person. It happens for us — to remind and teach us what we need to learn and make us stronger.

And then move forward to love and life.


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