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By Kengkoy Gaming. For years now I have suffered from player number creep in my games. Yet some of the most satisfying games I have played are with two players and a GM. At Grand Tribunal I ran a 9 player Ars Magica one off: it worked but was not easy. When I was young my Pendragon campaign ended up with 14.

Disclaimer: if the text is plain it is B (wife) and if the text is bold it is G (husband).

So I suppose a good place to begin is why are we doing this? Like most things, the answer to this is a little more complicated than ‘because we want to’. After completing my PhD last summer, I had been going through a bought of ‘oh my god! What am I going to do with my life?!’. This slowly took on a rather gruesome form of mental anxiety coupled with being extremely busy with academic life. And this led to another problem. I would come home and continue working or thinking about work without actually spending quality time with G. I profess to being a creative person, but having completed my PhD in music, most of my other creative ventures such as writing and painting had been replaced with work and I no longer see music as a creative output. This realisation manifested on December 17th 2016. It had been a frustrating evening for a variety of reasons leading to a rather ugly argument between us. But we are not going to let this break down our communication with one another anymore.

1 On 1 Soccerwatermelon Gaming

I am not an experienced D & D player, but the game itself allows me to spend time with my husband not talking about my academic ventures and gives me a creative output away from music. We haven’t played a game yet and we are already spending a lot of time talking through the set-up and this makes me feel inspired by what we are doing.


1 On 1 Soccer Watermelon Gaming

For my part, I have been trying to make headway into the hobby for about a year and a half. I was introduced properly to the game by a good friend and Critical Role on Geek & Sundry. I have been trying to run a game for that time, but given limited availability and few people to play with, it was a bit of a slog.

I have found that, as a DM, World-Building is a huge draw. I would spend time in the car to and from work planning out all kinds of intricacy to the kingdom in the previous/current campaign (perhaps too much, but more on that later). As another stage in our re-working of our creative lives, I am planning a new campaign with different players in a different world. This world is going to form the base of the 1-1 game as well.

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I’m looking at the previous campaign as a learning experience for me in where strengths and weaknesses lie and, as well as this being a great opportunity for us to share in a passion together, it will be a good chance for me to grow as a worldbuilder and DM.

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So each week, the plan is to update the blog on our 1-1 gaming adventures, where we will be talking about what happens in the games, our learning experience of 1-1 gaming and no doubt some insight into our crazy lives!