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The super-slick play surface and competition air blower system delivers accurate air hockey table play. The Sherwood is designed and built to withstand VIGOrous table play. Includes matching benches with built-in storage and soft padded seat cushions that provide comfortable, convenient seating while keeping your game accessories close to the. Air Hockey Games. Are you an existing user? Then log in to see your favorited games here! Don't have an account yet?

  • Air hockey is one of those bar games you can just pick up and enjoy, without any real knowledge of the basic rules. But if you play often and even somewhat competitively with friends, you’ll want to refine your mallet skills and learn a few tips from the pros.
  • Q101 Merritt's Music Mix - 101.1 FM Radio - Details Written by Jared Thomas Published: 12 November 2020 The Merritt Centennials found themselves in the hockey game after 40 minutes of play thanks to some great goaltending from Josh Dias, but after coming into the period down a goal, they ended with a 5-0 final.
Air hockey game at target

Yesterday afternoon, the BCHL unveiled its new playoff format in which 16 of 17 teams will now make the post season.

Air Hockey Game At Target

BCHL Communications Director Brent Mutis says the move was made to eliminate the first round bye that was given to the top two seeds in the league last year.

'Let's just make sure everyone's playing in the first round of the playoffs that qualifies for the playoffs, and I think that was the biggest impetus for why we changed from last year's format to this years.'

Air hockey game at target

With 16 teams making it to elimination hockey, Mutis says that you can still expect elite play throughout the season.


'There's too much on the line for these players in terms of them wanting to advance their playing careers. They're going to go out and play hard because they know that scouts from the college level and NHL level are watching them play.'

Mutis also adds that it will keep more teams in the playoff race battling for seeding towards the end of the season.

In the new format, if the playoffs started today, the Cents would be the 7th seed in the Interior division and would face the Trail Smoke Eaters in the first round.