Air Transporter

[UPDATE #1, 2010/08/30]
Wow, frontpage! Many thanks Tom, cheers from France ^^

[UPDATE #2, 2010/09/03]
New fixed version including last level bug, gunpoint stage tank bug. We also increased the pixel interval from object to target frame.

The Air Transport Command lasted until June 1, 1948, after the formation of the U.S. At that time, it was merged into the comparable, though smaller, Naval Air Transport Service, to create the Military Air Transport Service. This unified America’s airlift capability in time to confront another challenge, the Berlin Airlift. How to play Air Transporter In this tricky skill game, you use your chopper to complete a variety of challenging tasks, like extinguishing forest fires and building a house. Lower your ropes to collect objects and move them to the designated spot. Control your helicopter using either your mouse or the arrow keys. What is Air Transporter? DESCRIPTION Helicopters new game will make you become a good helicopter pilot, a good helicopter pilot with you is you have to go to work, namely to transport all kinds of things from side to side as quickly and with great care so as not to damage or break something. Air transportation also plays an important role for tourism, contributing to economic growth, especially in developing countries. The number of international tourist arrivals increased from 1.4.

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[UPDATE #3, 2010/09/06]
version 1.01, it should fix all reported issues (freezing, levels not loading. black screens)

[UPDATE #4, 2010/09/07]
version 1.02

And don't forget to UPDATE your FLASH player to VERSION 10 (else do not complain about issues) and avoid Internet Explorer!

Air Transporter

Air Transporter

Air Transporter is a helicopter simulator game. Control a high-power helicopter, handling all sorts of cargo as you go from one level to another. Build towers, quench (or start) fires, battle against tanks at wartime, and much more.

Air Transporter Unblocked Games

Mouse control (recommended)
- Use [MOUSE] to control helicopter.
- Use [Left Mouse Click] to drop cargo (or [X]).

Keyboard control
- Use [ARROW] keys to control helicopter.

Common controls
- Hold [SHIFT] to activate free camera view.
- Q/E = Shift Left/Right rope UP (press [W] for both).
- A/D = Shift Left/Right rope DOWN (press [S] for both).
- Z/C = Unlink cargo from Left/Right rope (press [X] for both).
- Press [SPACE] to equalize ropes length.

First levels feature detailled tutorials.