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  • Anatomy & Physiology Revealed 4.0: Making the Best, Better: More mobile-friendly! Meeting students where they are, making it easier to view APR on tablets and phones. Updated, user-friendly interface. Increased accessibility. Keyboard navigation and addition of alternate descriptions for screen reader capability. 3D Interactive Models.
  • Anatomy and Physiology Student Workbook explores the essentials of human structure and function through engaging, generously illustrated write-on activities. Much of the content in the first edition has been revised to include larger diagrams, more photographs, and greater depth of coverage in key areas.
  • Endocrine System Anatomy and Physiology The major endocrine organs of the body include the pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, pineal and thymus glands, the pancreas, and the gonads. The regulatory functions of the nervous and endocrine systems are similar in some aspects, but differ in such ways.
  • Description: Susan Standring, MBE, PhD, DSc, FKC, Hon FAS, Hon FRCS Trust Gray's. Building on over 160 years of anatomical excellence In 1858, Drs Henry Gray and Henry Vandyke Carter created a book for their surgical colleagues that established an enduring standard among anatomical texts.
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Anatomy and Physiology

Thiscourse is designed for those students interested in advanced topics inbiology. The major theme in this coursewill be human anatomy and physiology. Students will be expected to learn not only how organs and organ systemsare structured but also how they function. It is based on student participation in classroom as well as laboratoryactivities. Animal dissection will be amajor component of this class, with a special emphasis on the cat. This course is for those students who havepreviously completed a biology course, a chemistry course, and a physicalscience course.

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Anatomy & Physiology Animations

Introductory Anatomy

  • Levels of OrganizationActivity
  • Relative PositionWisconsin Online
  • Body Cavities Wisconsin Online
  • Body Cavities AgainMcGraw-Hill
  • Body SectionsWiley
  • Directional Terms 1McGraw-Hill
  • Directional Terms 2McGraw-Hill
  • Serous Membrane - Pleura University of Toronto
  • Body SectionsWisconsin Online
  • Abdominal Regions 1Wiley
  • Abdominal Regions 2Wiley
  • Regional TermsRM Chute
  • Regional Body TerminologyWisconsin Online
  • Body Regions Wisconsin Online
  • Body Regions 1McGraw-Hill
  • Body Regions 2McGraw-Hill
  • Body Regions 3McGraw-Hill

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Visually Learn About the Human Body Using Our Interactive 'Flash' Animations

  • Get Body Smart by ConceptCreators

A Collection of Physiology and Anatomy Animations by University of Central Lancashire

62 Anatomy HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Wallpaper Abyss.

Human Body & Mind

  • Interactive Body & Mind by BBC Science & Nature

Anatomy of the Heart

Roll your mouse over the heart illustration to identify anatomical structures and hear pronunciations.

  • Animation by Nucleus Medical Art

Anatomy & Physiology Animations

  • Anatomy & Physiology Animations by Marieb

Anatomy Animations

Cellular & Molecular Biology, Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System, and more

  • Animation by MedMotion


  • Hemostasis Blood clot - movie

  • Old RBC Distruction - Hemoglobin Recycling

  • Capillaries - portal system

  • Atlas of Hematology by Nivaldo Medeiros M. D.
  • Blood Typing Game Nobel e-Museum
  • Hemophilia Your Genes Your Health
  • Hemostasis McGraw Hill
  • Blood Type Wayne's Word
  • Blood Tutorials GetBodySmart
  • Red Blood Cells Wisconsin Online
  • White Blood Cells Wisconsin Online
  • Genetic Immune Deficiency called SCID-X1 Sumanas Inc.
  • Hemostasis and Platelet Info

Cardiovascular System

  • Myocardial infarction - movie
  • Cardiac Cycle - animation
  • Cardiac Conduction System - animation
  • Heart Sounds - animation
  • Baroreceptors / HR / BP Regulation - Nervous / CVS Interaction - Great!
  • Chemoreceptors Cardioregulation - CVS / Nervous Interaction
  • Cardiovascular System Topics by ADAM
  • Drag/Drop Labeling of Heart by Arthur Harwood
  • A Healthy Heart Novartis
  • Many Animations on Heart and Circulation
  • Heart Structure by Nucleus Communications
  • Heart functions and Problems Cardiology Associates
  • Electrocardiogram -ECG Technician Nobel eMuseum
  • Hyper heart by Knowlege Weavers
  • Heart Sounds Tutorial Blaufuss
  • Cardiac Cell Death San Diego State University
  • Electro Cardio Gram by Knowlege Weavers
  • Heart Animations Science Museum of Minnesota
  • Operation Heart Transplant from PBS
  • EKG Tutorial RnCeus Interactive
  • Heart Valves Movie by Marcy Thomas at Wellesley
  • Cadaver Dissection of the Human Heart (dissection 4) University of Wisconsin
  • Heart and Blood Vessel Basics Boston Scientific
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Heart Attack, and Heart Failure: What’s the Difference? Life Beat
  • Virtual Autopsy HBO
  • ECG Simulator SkillStat Inc.
  • Cardiac Dictionary SkillStat Inc.
  • An Overview of Pulmonary and Systemic Circulation Wisconsin Online
  • Heart Anatomy Review Wisconsin Online
  • The Anatomy of the Heart Wisconsin Online
  • Pathology of Cardiac Disease Wisconsin Online
  • Cardiac Procedure and Condition Animation Library Sutter Davis Hospital
  • Heart Internal Video Clips Visible Heart
  • Arrhythmias
  • Heart Beat - Electric
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Heart Attack
  • Heart Blood Flow
  • Sheep Heart's Dissection zeroBio
  • Blood Flow through the Human Heart Sumanas Inc.

Digestive System

  • Digestive System Terry Brown
  • Three Phases of Gastric Digestion McGraw-Hill
  • Gastrin Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
  • Digestion on a time line George Mateljan Foundation
  • Acid Reflux Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
  • Fetal Pig Digestive System Whitman College
  • Helicobacter pylori and gastric pathology John Hopkins
  • Swallowing John Hopkins
  • Mechanism of Acid Production in Gastric Parietal Cells John Hopkins
  • Irritable Bile Syndrome John Hopkins
  • Neutralization of Stomach Acid zeroBio
  • CCK Causes Bile Release zeroBio
  • Digestion (Elementary) Kitses
  • Peristalsis State University of West Georgia
  • Interactive Digestion Quiz zeroBio
  • Carbohydrate Digestion Wisc-Online

Endocrine System

  • Feedback Mechanismsm - Estroten / GnRH / LH a bit complex.
  • Hormone (Ligand)/ Receptor Interactions Complex! But a good example of a cascade.
  • Hormone / Ligand / Channel Physiology Complex!
  • Intracellular Receptor - Lipid Hormones Aldosterone - Complex!
  • Aldosterone Urinary / Endocrine


Anatomy And Physiologymr. Mac's Biology Pages

  • Skeleton and Joints Hospital for Sick Children
  • Knee, Shoulder, Hip and Spine Swarm Interactive, Inc.
  • Intervertebral Disc Problems Bay Area Pain Medical Associates
  • Torn Rotator Cuff Shoulder Pain Solutions
  • Health A Comparison of Three Arthritic Conditions Wisconsin Online
  • Anatomy of the Hip Wisconsin Online
  • Interactive Spine Animations
  • Hand Kinesiology The University of Kansas
  • Spine Anatomy by Medtronic Sofamor Danek
  • Degenerative Disc Disease Bay Area Pain Medical Associates
  • Classification of Joints Wisconsin Online
  • Movement Terminology Wisconsin Online
  • Regional Body Terminology Wisconsin Online
  • Lower Back Disorders Web-MD
  • Tendinitis, Bursitis and Impingement Syndrome Shoulder Pain Solutions
  • Synovitis Shoulder Pain Solutions
  • Arthritis Shoulder Pain Solutions
  • Dislocation/Instability Shoulder Pain Solutions

Lymphatic and Immune System

Anatomy and physiologymr. mac
  • Introducing the Bloody Characters of Specific Immunity by RM Chute
  • Innate (nonspecific)
  • Leukocyte Extravasation W. H. Freeman and Co. and Sumanas, Inc.
  • Extravasation Harvard Education
  • Phagocyte Chemotaxis Wisconsin Online
  • The Body's GuardRockefeller Education
  • Adaptive (specific)
  • The Humoral Immune Response Cancer Research Institute
  • The Cellular Immune Response Cancer Research Institute
  • Immune System McGraw-Hill
  • Immune System Davidson College
  • Immunology Animations Kuby Immunology
  • Antigen Processing by the proteasome Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology
  • Immunology and Infectious Disease Harvard Education
  • Somatic Recombination Animation Davidson College
  • Immune System Animations (advanced) Blink Studio
  • T-cell Cloning HHMI
  • MHC I Presentation Duke University Medical Center
  • Immunology Animations University of Alberta
  • Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis ScienceMedia
  • Cytokine - Cell Signaling ScienceMedia
  • Immunisation and Defense Mechanisms
  • The Immune System and Cancer Vaccines National Cancer Institute
  • AntiBiotic Resistance Sumanas Inc.
  • Vaccination School Science
  • How Immunisation Works Immunisation in the UK
  • Choosing Immunizations Wisconsin Online
  • Space Doctor - Gene Therapy Genetic Learning Center
  • The Generation of Antibody Diversity Harvard Education
  • Cytokine Network in the Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis Science Media
  • HIV
  • HIV Lifecycle Flash Animation by GalaxyGoo
  • Can you get AIDS from a mosquito bite? GalaxyGoo
  • See HIV in Action by PBS from PBS
  • HIV life cycle and Drug Interaction by Roche
  • Animation of HIV life cycle RNCEUS
  • HIV Drug Resistance BioCreations
  • HIV and AIDS Annenberg/CPB
  • Viruses McGraw-Hill


Anatomy and physiologymr. mac
  • Cholesterol Consumed in Food
  • Fatty Acid Transfer Campbell Interactive Chemistry
  • Biochemistry of Cholesterol by Rodney F. Boyer
  • Lipoproteins Wiley
  • Fatty Acid Metabolism by Rodney F. Boyer
  • Fatty Acids Wiley
  • Metabolic Process Locater by Rodney F. Boyer
  • How the Body Uses Fat HMMI

Muscular System

  • Action Potential within a Muscle SR / Calcium
  • Troponin and Tropomysin System Calcium
  • Reflex Arc Muscle and Nerve
  • Muscle Structure and Function
  • Human Cadaver Dissections University of Wisconsin - Madison Medical School
  • The gross physiology of skeletal muscle by Harvey Project
  • Sarcomere Shortening McGraw-Hill
  • The structure of the thick filament and M-line by Harvey Project
  • Functional Unit of Muscle -Sarcomere by Harvey Project
  • Motor unitLarry Keeley at Texas A&M
  • Levers and joints by Harvey Project
  • Muscle twitch by Harvey Project
  • Sliding Filament Theory
  • Sliding Filament Theory movie

  • Sliding Filament Theory another movie

  • Sliding filament by Gary G. Matthews
  • Role of Calcium by Ateegh Al-Arabi, Ph.D.
  • Lever arm Hypothesis by Harvey Project
  • Structure and Muscle Contraction Larry Keeley at Texas A&M
  • Titin Illustration from University of Leeds
  • Actin and Myosin Wiley
  • Muscle ContractionBrook/Cole Chemistry
  • Muscle Cell Contraction Wisconsin Online
  • Neuromuscular Junction
  • Neuromuscular Junction movie
  • Neuromuscular Junction Simulation GalaxyGoo
  • synapse by Gary G. Matthews
  • Neuromuscluar Junction by Harvey Project
  • Sodium Potassium Pump Campbell Interactive Chemistry
  • Fast, Slow, Intermediate Fiber Match Harvey Project
  • Structure of the Muscle Organ Wisconsin Online
  • Muscle receptors and Spinal Reflexes by Tutis Vilis
  • Pelvic Muscles, Nerves, Bones, Visera Columbia Univeristy

Nervous System

  • Stroke Movie

  • Reflex Arc Muscle and Nerve
  • Sound Physiology Tympanic Membrane/basilar membrane
  • Brain Attack Activity Brains Rule
  • Several Neuron Animations by Gary G. Matthews
  • Nevous System Animations McGraw-Hill
  • Physiological Events at the Neural Synapse Wisconsin Online
  • Neurobiology Annenberg/CPB
  • Brain
  • Brain - Anatomy, CSF & Blood Circulation, Cranial Nerves Hospital for Sick Children
  • Brain Anatomy Harvard Educaiton
  • Inside the Brain: An Interactive Tour Alzheimer's Association
  • Epidural and Subdural Hematomas University of New Mexico
  • 3-D Tour of the Brain PBS
  • The HOPES Brain Tutorial Stanford Education
  • Cererbral Spinal Fluid Circulation from UCLA Education
  • Circle of Willis by RM Chute
  • Striatal System (advanced) by Knowlege Weavers
  • Brain Probe from PBS
  • Basal Ganglia Pathway Controls by Jeff Sale
  • Motor Cortex by Tutis Vilis
  • Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia by Tutis Vilis
  • Memory by Tutis Vilis
  • Association Areas by Tutis Vilis
  • Brain Power University of Washington
  • Prion Diseases
  • How Prions Arise McGraw Hill
  • Contrecoup Brain Injury Neuroskills
  • Spinal Cord Columbia University
  • Neuron and Nervous System Structure
  • Neuron Animation by WNET (PBS)
  • Neuron Regeneration by Ateegh Al-Arabi, Ph.D.
  • Unipolar and Multipolar Neurons Wisconsin Online
  • Neuroscience Animations Gary Fisk, Ph.D.
  • Peripheral Nervous System
  • Neurological Exam University of Utah School of Medicine
  • Nervous System Pathways Columbia University
  • Nervous System Pathways (cont.) Columbia University
  • Vagus Nerve Pathways Columbia University
  • Cranial Parasynpathetic Nerves Columbia University
  • Facial Muscle control by Knowlege Weavers
  • Control of eye muscles by Knowlege Weavers
  • Pain Pathways Bay Area Pain Medical Associates
  • Pathway Quizzes in Neuroanatomy (advanced) by Knowlege Weavers
  • Adrenocepter Classification
  • 12 Cranial Nerves Wisconsin Online
  • Upper and Lower Motor Neurons Wisconsin Online
  • Comparison of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems Gary Fisk, Ph.D.
  • Facial Nerves, etc. Columbia University
  • Synapse
  • Neural Communication University of Bristol
  • Synaptic Plasticity University of Bristol
  • Synaptic Transmission MCB-HHMI Outreach Program
  • Nerve Synapse by Arthur Harwood
  • Synaptiic Transmission Sinauer Associates
  • Synapse Physiology Acetyl Choline
  • Release of Neurotransmitter by Harvey Project
  • Neurotransmitters by Harvey Project
  • Neurons, synapses, and neurotransmission by The Mind Project (animation bottom of page)
  • Neuronal Information Transfer Larry Keeley at Texas A&M
  • Mirror Neurons NOVA
  • Introduction to the Nervous System Columbia University

Reproductive System

Anatomy And Physiologymr. Mac
  • Male Reproductive Histology Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Spermatogensis McGraw-Hill
  • Many Reproductive Movies and Animations Oklahoma State University
  • Chemistry of Pregnacy test Kuby Immunology
  • Events of the Uterine and Ovarian Cycle Sumanas Inc.
  • Mitosis/Meiosis Simulation by Jon C. Glase at Cornell
  • Meiosis Sumanas Inc.
  • Sexual Reproduction McGraw-Hill
  • Mechanism of an Erection How Stuff Works
  • Menstrual Cycle MSNBC
  • Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer ScienceMedia
  • Sex Hormones - The Menstrual Cycle Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Respiratory System

  • Air Pressure / Ventilation -Alveolar Pressure
  • Oxygen / Carbon Dioxide Partial Pressures
  • Changes in Partial Pressure McGraw-Hill
  • Interactive Lungs Science Museum of Minnesota
  • Function Tests:Static Lung Volumes McGill University
  • Fetal Pig Respiratory System Whitman College
  • Fetal Pig Respiratory System Quiz Whitman College
  • oxygen binding graph by Harvey Project
  • Lung Attack! Air Info Now
  • TB Timeline Rockefeller Education
  • Lung Cilia---- Smokers Cilia
  • Respirology Molson Medical Informatics
  • Spirograph Animation Molson Medical Informatics Student Projects
  • Respiratory Tract Anatomy New Brunswick Lung Association
  • Respiratory Basics Wisconsin Online

Skeletal System Flash Animation

Anatomy And Physiologymr. Mac
  • Bone Labeling Exercises McGraw-Hill
  • The Appendicular Skeleton Wisconsin Online
  • The Axial Skeleton Wisconsin Online
  • The Vertebral Column Wisconsin Online
  • Cranial Anatomy by Dale A. Charletta
  • FracturesWisconsin Online

Skin (Integument)

Anatomy And Physiologymr. Mac's Biology Page Border

Anatomy and physiologymr. mac
  • Skin and Integument Wisconsin Online
  • Skin Receptors Sumanas Inc.
  • Inflammatory Response Sumanas Inc.

Urinary System

  • Aldosterone Urinary/Endocrine
  • Kidney and Bladder Structure Hospital for Sick Children
  • Concentration,Dilution of Urine, Renal Transport University of British Columbia
  • Kidney Structure and Function BiologyMad
  • Kidney Structure Sumanas Inc.
  • Countercurrent Exchange Mechanism Marieb
  • The Juxtaglomerular Apparatus Wisconsin Online
  • Kidney Vascular System Wisconsin Online
  • How kidneys function Kidney Patient Guide
  • How Haemodialysis works Kidney Patient Guide
  • How Peritoneal Dialysis works Kidney Patient Guide
  • Kidney Transplant Kidney Patient Guide
  • Fetal Pig Urinary System Whitman College
  • Fetal Pig Urinary System Quiz Whitman College
  • Kidney Stones - Adam University of Maryland Medicine
  • Micturition Reflex McGraw-Hill
  • Renal Physiology Molson Medical Informatics
  • Micturition Mechanism
  • Interactive Kidney Quiz zeroBio


  • DigiStrip Library, Fetal Monitoring High Impact Litigation Inc.
  • Joining of Pronuclei and Fission University of Wisconsin
  • Child Birth Illustrated IDEAs
  • Fertilization Process W.H.Freeman & Co.
  • Conception to Birth Anatomical Travelogue Inc.
  • Just the Facts - beautiful presentation on the first nine months
  • Embryonic Develoment University of Pennsylvania
  • Reproductive System (fetal pig) Whitman College
  • Fetal Pig Quiz Whitman College
  • Fertilization University of Colorada
  • Cloning Dolan DNA Learning Center
  • Windows on the Womb from PBS
  • How is Sex Determined from PBS
  • Life's Greates Miracle from PBS
  • Sea Urchin Development Stanford University
  • Stem Cell PBS
  • Embryology Homepage McGill Medical Students
  • Fetal Stages MSNBC
  • Apgar Scoring in the Newborn Wisconsin Online
  • Apgar Scoring Challenge Wisconsin Online
  • Descent of the Testis Swiss Virtual Campus
  • Quiz Thomson Learning

Special Senses

  • Ear, Equilibrium and Sound
  • Inner Ear Maculae BBC
  • Sense Web - University of Western Ontario by Tutis Vilis
  • Sound and the Ear by Gary G. Matthews
  • Hearing by Tutis Vilis
  • Balance by Tutis Vilis
  • Hair cell transduction channels by Gary G. Matthews
  • Anatomy of the Ear Wisconsin Online
  • Sense of Hearing Wisconsin Online
  • Sound Transduction Sumanas Inc.
  • Effect of Sound Waves on the Cochlea McGraw-Hill
  • Ear Structure Columbia University
  • Eye and Light
  • Anatomy of the Eye
  • Label the Eye Diagram Arthur Harwood
  • Structure of the Eye Sumanas Inc.
  • Eye Muscle Action Simulation by UC Davis
  • Many Aspects on Vision 800 Contacts
  • Eye Movements by Tutis Vilis
  • Visual Preception of Objects by Tutis Vilis
  • Visual Preception of Motion by Tutis Vilis
  • Eye Structure and Function by Tutis Vilis
  • Visual Cortex by Tutis Vilis
  • Streams for Visual Guided Actions by Tutis Vilis
  • Visual Pathways Sumanas Inc.
  • Rhodopsin's reaction to light by Gary G. Matthews
  • The Sense of Sight Wisconsin Online
  • Eye Orbit Columbia Education
  • Chemical - Olfaction and Gustatory
  • Taste Animation BBC
  • The Sense of Taste Wisconsin Online
  • The Sense of Smell Wisconsin Online
  • Olfactory Receptor Stimulation BBC
  • General Senses
  • Touch receptors by Tutis Vilis
  • Muscle Sense by Tutis Vilis

Human Body & Mind

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  • Interactive Games and Animations by BBC