Angry Gran Rununblocked Games

The unblocked games at School is the haven source of online entertainment. There are many ways to have fun and the web has lots to offer. But, with a website that gives you free access to almost all fun games available, surely you can gain enjoyment to the highest level. Play the free Angry Gran Run: Brazil game online at! Angry Gran Run: Brazil is another superb instalment of the amazing and popular Angry Gran series. Angry Gran travels to South America to visit beautiful Brazil! With a whole host of themed obstacles, this months Angry Gran Run journey is more fun than ever! Click to Play for free Angry Gran Run: Brazil game now! Unblocked Games. 1 On 1 Basketball. 1 on 1 Football. 10 More Bullets. Angry Gran Run is a game where you have to use A, S to move left and right, and up arrow to jump over obstacles. Also you use the down arrow and side arrows to change direction of travel, when they meet a street corner. This is a fairly complex game, with quite a few commands, so you have to be an intelligent and resourceful if you want to get some results after the game.


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Angry Gran Rununblocked Games

Angry Gran Run Unblocked Games

Angry Gran Run is a free running game where players have to control an old lady and help her to reach the finish line on every level. After the granny breaks out of the Angry Asylum she is on the loose. Help her to knock down brutal punks while she is running along the street. Make her overcome disturbing obstacles to keep her running in the cool online game Angry Gran Run.
Try to accomplish one of the missions or choose one of the daily tasks. Running a given distance or collecting a given number of coins, these are the possible missions. The speed will increase as you proceed in the game and it will more difficult to avoid the objects on the road. Collect coins while running to boost your score. There's also a series of letters you can collect and then spell a word which will give you a further boost. A T-Rex can appear randomly so pay attention and don't let him catch you. At the end of the course you can use the earned money to purchase upgrades and buy new costumes for the granny. Have fun with the free online game Angry Gran Run on
Controls: AD = Bash Left / Right, Arrow Up / Down = Jump / Slide