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Newsprint paper is an economical solution for a variety of writing and drawing needs. We carry a wide assortment of newsprint choices, from unlined newsprint paper sheets and pads suitable for sketching to newsprint with ruled lines suitable for early learners developing writing skills. The most resourceful of students will think twice before heading out to their nearest stationery store for another pad of legal ruled paper. There may be no end to your assignments, but there will a very near end to your allowance and the sheets in your notebook. A printable blank multiplication table is a great way to exercise and verify a child's knowledge of the most common multiplication operations. The charts are from 1 to 12. An empty times table can be used either at school or at home as worksheets. Printable Blank Multiplication Chart 1 to 9. Now, with this easy printable blank sheet of paper, you can print out your own blank sheet from your own printer any time you need one. Click on the image for a PDF file, letter size, that is suitable for printing at your printer’s highest resolution.

For most students and teachers graph paper, lined paper or even music paper is a daily necessity. Even some academic and technical professions are trying to search the web for templates in order to print them. Whether you are using them as worksheets, for assignments or as a hobby, the selection of printable templates we put together will help with your project by speeding it up. In our list you will find lined paper, graph paper, sheet music, multiplication sheets and even measurement tools, all in mostly PDF format ready to print.

Printable Graph & Grid Paper

The graph paper and printable grid paper that you know of are commonly used in science classes, and more predominantly, in math. Both types of paper are also known by certain as math graph paper. In school your math teacher might require you to use squared paper for solving your homework or completing assignments. Although it's easy nowadays to find free graph paper online, we can solve the hassle of searching all around. We have a whole section of printable graph paper right on this website.

  • 1 Inch Graph Paper - 1 Inch Grid Paper Printable

  • Grid Paper Printable

  • Printable Graph Paper Full Sheet

  • Printable Graph Paper With Axis

  • Hexagonal Graph Paper

  • Polar Graph Paper

Printable Lined Paper Templates

Most printable lined paper or ruled paper can have different line heights. It depends in which school grade you are. The most used type of lined paper in the States is the college ruled paper along with the wide lined paper, with more space for each line, and the narrow lined paper which can fit a bigger amount text on one page.

  • Printable Lined Paper College Ruled

  • Wide Ruled Lined Paper - Printable Wide Ruled Paper

Printable Lined Handwriting Paper

This type of lined paper is called handwriting paper and it's a bit special. It's manly meant for small kids. Many people also call this type of paper as as penmanship paper because it can help children in preschool or early elementary practice and improving their handwriting.

  • Handwriting Paper PDF - Printable Penmanship Paper

  • Kindergarten Writing Paper

  • Writing Paper With Picture Box

Printable Music Paper

A blank sheet music can have multiple numbers of staves, can come in different sizes or have specific clefs meant for different instruments. For examples, a manuscript paper with 6 staves is mostly used in elementary school when learning how to note down music notes or draw clefs.

  • Free Printable Staff Paper - 10 stave manuscript paper

  • Piano Sheet Music With Treble Voice

  • Manuscript Paper

  • Blank Staff Paper

  • Guitar Chord Sheet

  • Blank Guitar Sheet Music

How to use our printable paper

The printable paper templates on this website are all available in PDF format with some also having a Microsoft Word .docx version. To print any of these templates simply click on the paper thumbnail you would like or click on the corresponding link in the left sidebar. This should take you to the page from which you can download the PDF / doc file.

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Printable Board Games

Printable paper board game templates are meant to help you kill some time and have a little fun in a relaxing way. Some of them are pretty engaging while others are challenging and for small children the games will help them improve reaction, stimulate thinking and develop their teamwork.

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  • Dot Game Printable PDF - The Dot Game Template

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Blank Multiplication Charts

A printable blank multiplication table is a great way to exercise and verify a child's knowledge of the most common multiplication operations. The charts are from 1 to 12. An empty times table can be used either at school or at home as worksheets.

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  • Printable Multiplication Table 1 to 10

Rulers Used For Measuring

Many times you may need to measure an object’s length but don't have the tools to do it. Our printable rulers can help you with that. Whether you need to measure in inches, centimeters or even millimeters. Most of our rulers have two different scales, one on each side. Print out the templates and use them during math lessons to draw straight lines or measure different geometric shapes.

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  • MM Rulers

  • Inch Rulers

Multifunction Protractors

When it comes to measure angles no one does it better than a protractor. Most commonly used protractor is the semicircular (180°) one. The circular type is only used by architects or engineers for mechanical drawings.

  • Printable Protractor PDF