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A Solo Guide Through the Goodblade Quests and Reaching Level 2.
OK, you’ve rolled your alter-ego and are ready to begin your adventure to fame and fortune. You’ve completed the Wavecrest Tavern Quests and now can enter Stormreach.
A little about me, I started back in the “Headstart Period”. “Headstart” began a week or so before the game went live. It was an incentive to “pre-order” the game. “Get your character several levels ahead of the rest of the population“. I’ve had lots of characters, I keep my Cleric and Fighter for the big Quests. I re-roll often just for a challenge.
One thing to remember, the game has changed since I started, more about this later.
So for this Guide’s purpose, I re-rolled again, only this time I used the “Pre-built” character that is available in the game. I chose the Rogue, a decent character but known to be somewhat weak and low on hit points.
I will make most references to the action from the standpoint of the Rogue.
Looking back, I bypassed Euphonia’s Challenge, talked to Trader Skipp and went right to the Wavecrest Tavern. Trader Trevia gave me my 1st “Action Point” (AP) enhancement there, I selected “Rogue Skill/Action Boost” I, which I feel is a Rogue must have. I did the Quests Sigmund and Brother Augustus gave me and entered the seaport where we all begin.
You are now ready for the Goodblade Quests and reaching Level 2. Here’s my take on an EASY way to do so, and Solo at that.
Talking to Sir Gerald Goodblade is where you should begin. Sure there’s other ways but remember I started back when this was the only game path offered. Goodblade offers 3 Quests, I’ll list them in the order I feel is easiest to hard. Rare Scrolls, Healing Elixir and Ancient Daggers.
So, select the “Rare Scrolls” which is also the closest, right across the courtyard. Double click the door and select “Normal”. Why? Well, 1st you are trying for the quickest eXperience Points (XP) path to level 2, and like I mentioned, it was the only option available when I started playing.
As you enter, take a shield block stance.(“SHIFT” key) Not always but sometimes, the 1st guard is standing right at the doorway. When you have entered, look around, you’ll most likely see the guard standing in the room. Eliminate him.
Notice there are 3 doors, one is locked and you’ll need to find the key. The other 2 can be entered and both lead the same place, so pick either. Be aware, there 2 guards behind each door, so you’ll have a fight before you advance. Take out the 2 guards, then advance to the next door. In the hall you may have noticed a mushroom looking plant, it appears to sparkle. It and other objects contain “Collectables” items you collect and turn in for different useful items. Some require one item some require multiple items. Collect the item “hidden” in the mushroom plant.
In this room there will be another 2 guards, defeat them. The Dungeon Master (DM) has mentioned that by smashing boxes/barrels will be helpful. Break them until the key drops, but before you pick it up switch weapons to a club or another bludgeon type weapon. As soon as you pick up the key a door slides open and out come a Violet Slime. Eliminate it, and go to the end of the hall. Loot the chest. Return to the room.
OK about half way done, decision time, go through the other closed door? Or run down the cleared hall? There will be a fight at the closed door, but no fights taking the already cleared path. Choose.
Once you arrive at the main entry room go to the locked door, using the key you picked up in the upper room unlock the door (simply click on it) Inside this room you’ll find a puzzle on the floor which needs to be completed before you can drop the barrier over the scrolls.
The puzzle requires you to turn pieces to line up a path way so the energy ribbon lights all 4 corners. “Click” the tile you wish to turn, it may take multiple turns to align the tiles correctly.
Once the puzzle is solved, the Blue barrier drops and the scrolls can be picked up. BUT WAIT, there is a bonus for breaking all the boxes you’ve bypassed and in some of them is coins and other useful items. It awards you with a small amount of XP. And there are still 2 guards in the hall that you may not have eliminated. All worth XP. Decide if you want to complete the additional XP or not, then pick up the scrolls. You are rewarded with about 500+XP. You may have received an “Action Point (AP)”.Click the “Finish” button (commonly referred to as “FO”) or run out the exit. Return to Sir Goodblade.
He’ll take the scrolls, babble about something and reward you.
Talking again to Sir Goodblades allows you to select the next quest “The Healing Elixir”. This is located a short distance from where you stand. Run past the crane and at the first opening turn left, when you reach the other path turn left again. Go up the steps, see the Skull and Crossbones? Turn right. At the entrance click on the opening, select “Normal” and enter.
In the Dungeon, you have 2 paths. Both lead the same place. But going straight is what I think is the best. If you chose a Rogue, sneak up to the corner, look down the hall, see anything? Perhaps an Iron Defender will be patrolling, perhaps not. But there is one, and if you’re really lucky (NOT) you’ll meet 2 at once.
If you selected the Rogue, you have the Feat, “2 Weapon Fighting“, equip your alter-ego with the starter Short Sword and the Starter Sickle. (if you don’t know how, put the Sword in your weapon slot first, then add the Sickle) As a Rogue, what you lack in armor you’ll make up for a little with the 2 weapon bonus.
Advance down the hall, you’ll hear and see several things, a stream of gas, which is actually poison, coming from a pipe, chompy-crushy things which are giant blades, and maybe the Iron Defender (or both Defenders).
At this point you are attacked by one of the iron defenders, ATTACK! The Iron Defenders use a grease attack, making the floor slippery. They aren’t effected but continue to attack. If you fall, you are subject to a -4 armor penalty while laying on you back. Keep attacking, and you defeat the metal dog. Lost Hit Points (HP)? Drink a cure pot.
As a Rogue you should receive a “Spot” message. Using your “Search” ability locate the hidden door, open it (click on it). Inside the small room is a valve, turn it (click on it). The valve will close and the stream of gas will stop.
Leaving the room and to the right are the “Chompy-Blades” there is a box to use to shut them off. As the Rogue you may have already found it when you “Searched” for the hidden door.
Disabling traps is somewhat easy, but also an art. Let’s say the trap box is visible already, click on the box so it appears in the “View” window. Click the icon in your action bar that looks like gears, did it open? NO? Well you failed, no worries, use you Rogue Action/Skill Boost to raise you skill level by +2, try again. Success!! The Chompy-Blades have stopped.
You don’t need to go down that hall, but you can gain a little XP. There is a second set of blades. For a little extra XP, go to the left corner and use the Search skill. See the 2nd box? Good, now use the disable skill to stop the 2nd set of blades. The box blew up? Forgot to use your Boost didn’t you? OH WELL! Like I said its an art.
Return to the original hall and turn right, to reveal a 2nd gas trap and bring out the 2nd Iron Defender. Both will add to the XP. Rinse and Repeat, defeat the dog, find the door, close the valve. The stream of gas has stopped. Let’s continue.
Running straight ahead and down a slight incline you’ll arrive at the next corridor, turn right, and a spider will attack, defeat the vermin and continue ahead. Ahead of you and behind a gate is a Rest Shrine, to the left is a large round door, open it. Use your “Tab” or “Backspace” key, see the spider? Exterminate!
Advance to the next room, to the immediate left is a door with a signal gem above it. To the right of the door is a ladder, go up the ladder. You can advance by running to the right, and you should another ladder. Spider Attack! End its miserable life. Go down the ladder.
This room continues to the right, and behind the gate wall is a hapless adventurer on the ground with an Iron Defender standing over his dead body. The metal dog sees you and attacks. Defeat the monster. How’s your health bar looking? Need a rest? Well you’re getting close to that Shrine you saw earlier.
Another round door is ahead, open it. Spider Webs! The spider advances and attacks, You know what to do! Good Job! Enter the room, and there it is, the Shrine. Go ahead use it, you’ve earned the rest. Also in the room is a valve, the DM has mention turning it could be beneficial, and when you do the gem above it lights up.
Leave the room, down the corridor, past the gate wall and to the ladder. Up you go, turn left go to the ladder and down you go. The gem above the door to the right is lit and the door is open. Continue down the corridor.
The next room has a pool of water ahead of you and a closed gate to the left. At the bottom of the pool is a collectable. Got It? OK.
Open the closed gate, the hall continues to the right. Use your “Tab/Backspace” key to find any monsters ahead. Iron Defender! Attack and defeat. OK! Run to the end of the room, another collectable.
Go back about half way, in the open room is a Warforged standing quietly, 4 switches on the wall 2 left 2 right with different colored gems above them. In the back is a desk and another collectable on it.
Speak to the Warforged, and it replies with a riddle, which makes little sense. But its all part of the game, and sometimes you need to read between the lines. But which switch?
OK, the Warforged mentioned several things, the key is the first letter of the words, R-E-D, which is the color of the correct switch to pull. Pulling any of the other switches will spawn a scorpion, which gives XP for eliminating.
You pulled the “Red” switch and the Warforged tells you you have made the right choice. Ask it for the Cask of Elixir and once you receive it the Quest ends. 500+XP Good Job! Most likely you’ve been rewarded with another “Action Point (AP)”. Click on “Finish” (FO) and exit the Dungeon.
Return to Sir Gerald, again he’ll tell you how good he is and give you a reward. Go to 3-Fingered Thad sell anything you feel you don’t need. Go to the collectable lady and trade in anything you have found. Enter the Wavecrest Tavern and rest up, You deserve it.
Return to Goodblade and take the next quest.
Leaving Sir Gerald go towards the last quest, past the opening, only this time turn right. Down the path to the left you’ll see some gates. This is the entrance. Click “Normal” and enter.
Inside you’ll see the walls lined with Sarcophagus. Breaking them all (about 50) will give a small amount of XP, but there is a chance of releasing a skeleton when they are broken. So let’s save those until the end so to have plenty of HP for what lies ahead.
Advance down the corridor until you get to the next junction, turn right. Advance again to the next junction, SPIDER!, ATTACK!! A few swings and it’s a tally on the count board.
Ahead of you is a closed door, open it. A hallway leading down awaits you enter and try to target any occupants. Sure enough you find a Zombie, one of the tortured souls you’ve been sent to eliminate. Remember! Slashing weapons for Zombies! Pull your slashing weapon, at this level most likely a Sickle, sneak up to this Zombie and attack. When playing the Rogue you can possible get a “Backstab” bonus, so finish it off. OK!
Run back up the ramp and continue straight down the hallway, see the door? SPIDER! ATTACK! Another Vermin sent to the land of perpetual webs. Open the door, and do the same as the first door. Sneak, Target, Attack. Good Job!
Run up the ramp and exit the room, and at the first opening turn right. Run ahead, down the steps and you arrive at another hallway. Stop here and look around, one side is a door and behind it a Shrine. Look the other way, a Warded door (the blue glow) and above it, 3 runes. At the moment 2 are lit, and one to go.
How’s your HP? 60% or better? Choice, drink Cure Pot, heal at Shrine, or continue. Let’s continue.
Run up the steps ahead and approach the next door, You Guessed It, SPIDER! ATTACK! Their scream gives me the creeps! Open the door, Sneak, Target, Attack. Man, that guy hit harder then the other 2, but still got HP. Run up ramp and hold position.
OK, another choice. To the right is a hall leading towards an open area. Going that way will cause a trap to activate and you’ll be locked in the room. Not to worry, any character can get out, but you run the risk of getting hit by a Poison Trap. So, lets not go that way.
Instead continue straight ahead to the intersecting hall, where the Shrine and Warded doors were. OK all the runes are lit and the Warded Door is now open, but wait! HP is low, so lets use the Shrine. AHH! The be at full HP again. Remember Goodblades advice, Blunt weapons for Skeletons, switch to a Club or Mace.
Standing in front of the now open room you can see a Chest on a raised platform just past the cloudy mist. There are more Sarcophagus in the room too, but none blocking the path to the chest.
Approach the chest slowly, the end Boss doesn’t pop up until you get half way. At the half way point the skeleton Captain of the Guard is released, now rush him and ATTACK! He’s a tough one, takes a a lot of hits and deals some hard damage. VICTORY!
He is down, but wait, one of the Sarcophagus just broke and another Skeleton is loose. Luckily he goes down fast, just as a second Sarcophagus breaks and another Skeleton is released, that one also is eliminated quickly.
Open the Chest, Grab the Daggers, you receive 500+XP! (Alternate ending, don’t grab the Daggers, run around the entire Dungeon breaking all the Sarcophagus for a little extra XP) If you choose that route, as I mentioned before you’ll have to fight some additional Skeletons. When all the Sarcophagus are broken, return to the Chest and get the Daggers and “Finish” out. (FO)
Return to Goodblades, get your reward. Sell at Thad’s and/or Repair. Enter the Wavecrest Tavern and rest up.
Good Job so far, doing GREAT!! The 3 Goodblade quests are history, you have received and used at least 3 AP. To reach Level 2 you still need about 1200XP. OK, now there are multiple ways to get the needed XP to raise your Level.
When the game started there was a gate, and it was necessary to complete a Quest called the “Low Road”. When “Low Road” was finished, the gate opened and the rest of the Harbor was accessible. The game today has removed the gate allowing access at anytime.
Through the gate is an area called “Aspirant’s Corner”. Here you will find Trainers, and Weapon Shop and an additional 5 low level Quests. These 5 Quests all give small XP and not enough to reach Level 2. You will then need to complete the “Low Road” to get over the points needed for the next experience level.
This guide is designed to help get to Level 2 one of the fastest ways as well as the least likely way to end up DEAD! (Disclaimer. Playing just about any character this way DOES work. Playing a Wizard or Sorcerer is a bit tricky, and maybe taking the safer “Aspirant Corner” route is better. I’ll explain this later)
As I have mentioned I am playing a “Pre-Built” Rogue, and for the most part can get the job done. On to the “Low Road”.
Leave the Wavecrest Tavern, run past Goodblades, go through the archway and turn left. Run up the flights of steps, just before you enter the next archway, there are 2 guards standing watch.
Guards Helfedene and Hogarmar stand watch, and assist the adventurer with early information about Stormreach. Speak to them both, Hogarmar is on the right and will give you a chance to complete the “Low Road Quest”
When you accept it, turn left, go down the little hill to the entrance. “Click” on the opening, select “Normal” and enter.
Inside you are looking down a water filled ramp. You should be able to see all the way to the next hallway. Down the ramp you go, and again a 2nd time. Standing in the hallway a Kobold appears and rings the gong. He then turns and attacks, When he is defeated and 2nd Kobold runs up from behind, defeat him as well.
Two things can happen here, one is nothing! The 2nd could be an Ooze attack. In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) lets hope the Ooze appears now and not later, simply due to the fact when it shows up later it’s at a time you really need to be concerned with the real business at hand. Ooze or no Ooze, continue down the hall. Break any barrels/boxes you feel like, all good for XP and random loot.
At the end of the hall two ramps leading down appear. On the post in front of you, is a switch. There is a fight waiting on either side, so let’s try the right side. First, pull the switch, run down the right ramp, fight the Kobold at the doorway. When you’ve defeated it, run in the room.
To your right is a closed gate with a single Kobold inside, stand in front of it. The gate soon opens and fight the Kobold, once its defeated, turn around, you should see a 2nd Kobold. Run over and eliminate it.
Now turning to the left is a closed door and a switch on the wall, activate the switch and the door opens. Careful here, there is a ledge with no ladder and it’s a rather far fall. Jumping off will cause slight damage. You can attempt to jump to the immediate left and into the water below to minimize the damage. Either way, once on the bottom move forward.
You’ll come to a ladder leading upward, climb the ladder. At the top you’ll see a Kobold asleep and a lever. If your sneak skill is high enough, you can walk right up to sleepyhead and ruin his day. Defeat the Kobold, and use the lever, The DM reports hearing some activity, break any boxes, barrels, or urns and go down the ladder.
At the bottom, turn right. The lever above has opened a room, inside is a ladder another switch and a unlit gem. Go up the ladder, use the lever, and the gem will light up. You’ll hear the DM saying something about “churning water”. Down the ladder and exit the room.
OK, on the other side is a similar area to complete. Ladder, Kobold, lever, another room with another ladder, lever and gem. Once done on the 2nd side, find the now open underwater tunnel, indicated by the 2 lit gems above it.
Before you swim, it’s a good idea here if your swim skill is low to remove your armor. It will allow to swim for a longer period before running out of breath. Swim through the tunnel and go up the ladder.
Once back on the surface, re-equip your armor!
You’ll see a ramp leading upwards, carefully go up the ramp and wait. Ahead either standing or patrolling is a Kobold Shaman. (Nasty little fellow, loves to use the “Fear“ spell. Leaving you unable to fight for many seconds. If he gets you with “Fear” run around until it wears off.)
ATTACK! He will attempt to hop around and make it difficult to hit regularly. The Shaman is defeated. (This is the part I mentioned earlier, the Ooze can appear here instead of the beginning. It just makes it harder to attack the Shaman and if using anything other than a blunt weapon, your equipment most likely will be damaged)
Kobold Shaman defeated (and maybe the Ooze), loot the chest, break anything in the room (all for XP) and go up the next ramp, find the ropes and exit. 800+ XP GOOD JOB!
Once back in Aspirant’s Corner, run past the gate towards the harbor, return to Helfedene and get your additional reward. This quest will have also given you the 4th and final AP for this level. Use it if you wish. Good time to go to the weapon shop and repair your equipment if necessary. Return to the Wavecrest Tavern and heal/rest if you need to.
Now you should be around the 300+ point range from Level 2. One last quest will put you over the top to advancement.
Poor Arissa, what has she done now? Kidnapped by Kobolds says her husband Edrum tells you and he needs a brave adventurer to rescue her.
Edrum gives you this next quest, “Sewer Rescue” and clicking on the opening drops you into the sewers of Stormreach. (Choose “Normal” for enough XP to advance to Level 2)
Run down the hall and turn right at the first intersection, the gate is open!! Get to the would be kidnappers before they close it. AHH, too late, and Arissa is forced to follow the two little tough guys. HMMM, no switches or levers to open the gate close by. Go back the way you came to look for them, suddenly from the shadows a Kobold jumps out and attacks, fight back. You WIN!! No time to celebrate as another attacks, finish him off as well.
Still no switches or levers to be found. But returning to the gate you find its now open. Run through, up to the closed door. Activate the switch and enter carefully, there is a ledge and it can lead to a very damaging fall.
Hop over the rubble to your right and find the ladder, go down the ladder, across the tunnel is a ladder leading up, CLIMB! At the top there are a couple things you could do, lower the bridge and activate a wall switch that opens a secret door where sometimes a chest is hidden, or find a chest in the tunnel, only to be attacked by 4 LARGE spiders.
Turning right here will advance you towards the end of the quest. So, let’s turn right. (You can return later to check out those other experiences) Carefully advance to the next corridor and turn left and hold position. You have been ambushed!! 2 Kobold guards attack. Eliminate them both.
Run down the hall turn right and continue to you come to another ladder. (Here is another optional area, hopping on the roof bridges, you will reach an “Arcane Skeleton”, and though you can defeat it, the chest is locked and can be opened only by a Rogue.)
This time go down the ladder and advance forward toward a closed door, AMBUSHED!! 3 Kobolds attack, continue to fight until none remain. Open the door, A Shrine! Rest if you need to.
Exit the shrine and turn right, run down the hall to another ladder leading up. At the top is another corridor, advance carefully. SPIKE TRAP!! With an added bonus, BLADE TRAP!! What to do?
As a Fighter, Barbarian, Wizard or other classes your jump skill here will help greatly. Watch the trap for a few cycles, and try to find a easy place for the jump. Timing is important!
As a Rogue you get a “Spot” message, so look around. The box is on the left wall before the traps, disable the trap. (use your Rogue boost) The 2 traps are now disarmed. Continue to the closed door. Open the door and turn left, reaching the bottom of the next and final ladder. (There is also a ladder to the right, use either)
Climb up the ladder, and get ready for the last battle.
If you used the left ladder, you’ll see Arissa and a chest to the right. (If you used the right ladder, of course everything will be to the left.) Next to Arissa is a Hobgoblin with a nasty axe type weapon, he is the last enemy you need to face. Approach him and fight until he is defeated. (There is an optional fight down the corridor that opens when the Hobgoblin is beaten. A Hobgoblin Cleric waits down the ramp, it’s a little extra XP, but isn’t necessary to complete unless you want.)
Loot the chest, and talk to Arissa. You are rewarded with 400+XP and you’ll receive the message you’ve reached another level. CONGRATS!!!! “ Level 2!!!!
“Finish Out”, talk to Edrum and get your reward. Repair your equipment, Heal yourself, and of course, talk to the Trainer.
LEVEL 2, more HP (if a Wizard or Sorcerer, more “Spell Points” too) All done in 5 quests, on Normal (Just like when that game went live, when it was the only option)
So, that’s my take on the 1st level of advancement, and it’s how I do it. Though it’s possible to do many other quests alone, I suggest from here on get into parties, it will make leveling up a lot easier and faster. Fun too!!
Remember, FUN is # 1
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