unblocked is a challenging physics-based game allowing players to create their own maps and play on them easily. Once you step into Bonkio game, you can play on hundreds of custom maps generated by the community, or feel free to upload your own ones for other friends to play on. There will be 8 players spawning in the same map at once. Your mission is to push all of the other players off the edge of the level while defending yourself from being pushed. You should make yourself much heavier to get more momentum, which allows you to bash others much further, and they will find it harder to push you back. But still, you need to watch out for your surrounding as well as avoid the incoming collision with other friends. Perform all of your best skills and use good strategies to outplay all of them. Are you ready for the challenge? Play game now!

How to play

Bonk Leagues Client is a mod for which adds tons of new features to help make your gaming experience even more fun! BL Client is not a hacked client and is completely safe for you to use. Simply install the extension for your browser, and you'll be ready to start using BL Client on Bonkio! unblocked at school There are many popular io games and Bonk io is one of them. If you like battle royale unblocked io games, you should try this game. You can play Bonk io with a customized map. At first, you need to customize a character. Once it is ready, you can fight with other players. The environment is dangerous and you need to. Crazy Games

Move your character using the arrow keys, press key X to make yourself heavier.

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