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Boxhead The Zombie Warsspiter Games

Boxhead The Zombie Warsspiter Games Unblocked

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars is another in the popular Boxhead games. It brings a ton of new enemies and weapons to the game, as well as the ability to set up obstacles and turrets to help you fight off the zombies. Take a step into Boxhead: The Zombie Wars, blasting away hordes of zombies in nonstop action packed fun. In the acclaimed Boxhead series, you play as the lone hero, Jon Bambo. Equip yourself with an awesome collection of lethal weapons at your disposal, including the new minigun, shotgun, sniper and pistols.

You're playing Boxhead the Rooms

Boxhead the rooms is an interesting zombie game with the primary graphical concept being based around cubes. You're character is made of cubes, the levels you play in and the zombies are all constructed out of cubes. Overall it gives the game a nice clean look.
Gameplay wise this game is very fun. Before you know it you have been playing it for over half an hour. This game has 4 primary levels to choose from. Once you pick the level yo uare in a sandbox type of environment where it is up to you to kill the zombies as you choose. You get alot of weapons to do this with. You will receive them as you're score goes up. You get everything from uzi's to shotguns, mines, and barrels. The barrels themselves add a whole new element to the game because you can use these to block off certain sections then once a crowd of zombies has surrounded it you can blow them up taking alot of zombies out.
Overall this is a very addicting and well put together game. It should be however the author has worked on many AAA titles such as Dungeon Keeper. The authors site is located here.
Arrow Keys to move
Space to shoot/throw
1-8 to select weapons
Objective Kill the zombies!

Boxhead The Zombie Warsspiter Games Pc

  • Survival

Boxhead The Zombie Warsspiter Games To Play

Description and rules

This great game repeats main concept of popular Boxhead 5 survival release. However, this time developers counted on improved graphic and cool design. Starting to play, you are choosing one of 6 characters, some of which remind popular movie heroes.
Feel like the only hero in the city invaded by zombies and monsters! While you are the only hope for the world, you don't have any right to give up! Fight till the end and become a winner!
This is a classic shooter with upgraded graphic design, lots of realistic images and creepy characters like zombies and monsters. Admirers of harsh fights like Boxhead will appreciate bloody visual effects and dynamic game speed.
Zombie Survival will keep you tensed and excited during all the time of gaming! It will keep all your attention and will give a great pleasure as only high-quality action game can!