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Chard's Blog - Life in Black Mesa

Black Mesa is an outstanding labour of love. Around 40 programmers working for eight freaking years to recreate - and improve on - the original Half Life and succeeding? Like a frontal lobe at a porn party, my mind is thoroughly blown at that alone. However, there's a lot of little things hidden around the Black Mesa complex that may not have been noticed by gamers keen to rush their way back to the Lambda Complex. Once I noticed them though, I found myself gleefully documenting these little easter eggs in screenshot form.

Shows - Aggressive Minecraft Episode 15

In this episode, the guys get some serious wood, remember one of the worst operating systems ever made and recall perhaps one of the greatest people that ever lived, Steve Irwin.

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Reviews - Slender

I don’t like the dark. When I was a child I could often wind up paralysed at the thought of having to walk around our house at night, even just down the hall to the bathroom. Even as an adult I find myself a little anxious in the dark, especially if I’m somewhere unfamiliar. It’s a fairly innate fear for all of us, though it’s less the actual dark itself that generates the fear, rather the perceived notion of some imaginary danger that lurks hidden in the shadows.

Shows - Aggressive Minecraft Episode 14

After yet another Minecraft crash James get's back into the game. Luke begins to build a basement and the boys all get their own rooms to decorate. It looks as though Chard's design may be a little more morbid than the others...

We've managed to improve our videos now so they are full screen. Yay! This series was compressed, so the quality isn't top notch but it's a lot better than before! We won't compress in the future to keep the quality high!

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Reviews - Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 set itself an absolutely monumental task. The task of finishing a gaming trilogy. Thousands of fans from all over the world expected the finale of their dreams, 3 was to perfectly round off the series and leave us all with a satisfying feeling in our tummies. Sadly, it fell a little short, but with all the hype, that’s kind of to be expected. The game is still an extremely solid release and game-play wise is probably the best in the trilogy. However the content is not as rich as the previous instalments and most new character introductions feel a little token.

Shows - Let's Play Guild Wars 2

Ed from plays Guild Wars 2.
Meanwhile, James, Luke and Chard do not... Because they don't have it yet! Hehehe.

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Chard's Blog - Left out on the shelf

Take a second out of your day to quietly go and look at your game collection. I want you to look at those games, perhaps nestled snug and warm in your computer’s memory or proudly displayed on a shelf/DVD rack/floor, and have a quick count of how many of those games you never finished. I’ll do it too, meet me back here when you’re done.

Done it? Well no, of course you haven’t, but then when internet writers do the whole ‘go do this, I’ll wait’ thing who really goes and does that thing? No one, that’s who. Anyway, I did, and you know what? Of the 226 games that are in my library, I have completed – or at least played to a point that would constitute some sort of conclusion…

Shows - Aggressive Minecraft Episode 13

Chard and James begin to clear out their mine and strike gold. James asks Chard if he could use his new wealth to get him a diamond pick... but he refuses. Luke finds joy in opening and closing doors and hitting James over the head with stone swords.

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Suzie's Blog - League of Legends: 0/11/0 ...and what of it noob?
Let's face it: the League of Legends community is more of a violent, illiterate soulless rabble than a community. The majority of members appear to gain joy only through the misery of other players, and that’s being generous. This 'community' as it were, is the inspiration behind my latest article: my personal top ten picks for the worst of the bunch. So, with out further adieu, I present to you THE LIST.
Chard's Blog - The Favorite Characters I Hate

It’s hardly escaped the notice of the readership and the Six Gamers team that I’ve been a little quiet of late. Don’t worry, my drafts folder is getting fuller by the day so I have plenty of stuff in the pipeline (though many of the reviews will qualify for retro status by the time they’re done) but clearly it’s time I actually wrote something publishable.

Reviews - Mortal Kombat

In an attempt to rekindle the feeling held by those developers that remember 'the glory days', NetherRealm Studios have tried to strip the Mortal Kombat series back to what originally made it so successful. It's hard to tell if this title is geared towards attracting the attention of the modern online beat 'em up contenders or just trying to capture some of the magic that the early titles exuded. In either case, it's time to see if the latest bloodbath in the series has the clout to match up to its opponents.

Shows - Aggressive Minecraft Episode 12

James finally makes his way home with the help of Luke who then proceeds to glass him in the face. During James' absence Luke has created a beautiful house, so beautiful in fact that it has attracted the attention of the CIA!

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Shows - Battle Beavers Online Episode 2

Battle begins! James really sucks at it, as he constantly uses an ability that he doesn't realise takes away all of his life and struggles to get used to not clicking. As a result you'll see him die a lot...
Ed manages to handle his beaver with extreme skill slaying many a foe, wielding his massive sword as if it were nothing and choking on his tea. Sadly, we get to see none of that because they're in different instances. Enjoy watching James suck!

Reviews - Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is my personal favourite of the Mass Effect Trilogy. It’s a game with a great deal of variety and a lot of value for money. I feel that it improves in almost every way on its predecessor. All the game-play is drastically improved, but the balance between its varieties of game-play modes is not as good as it was in the original Mass Effect.

Shows - Aggressive Minecraft Episode 11

After many episodes of pining to be reunited with his friends, James is finally saved by Luke, who has discovered the power of flight. James murders some squid, Luke gets closer to God and Chard does his best Phreak impression (League of Legends).

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