Collins Efis 84 Manuallastevil

Rockwell extended our license agreement in 2001 to include all Collins Commercial and Military equipment that can be used for amateur radio purposes. The following Collins Radio manuals are divided into multiple sections (.pdf files) in order to facilitate faster download times. Avionics/Electronics Collins EFIS-84 Proline II (2-Tube) 8.33 MHz Radios Installed. Autopilot Collins APS-65. Comms Dual Collins VHF-22C. NAV Dual Collins VIR-32. Transponders Dual Collins TDR-94D. ADF- Collins ADF-60A. DME- Dual Collins DME-42. RMI- Collins RMI-30. Flight Director Collins EFIS-84. Weather Radar Collins WXR-270. When the EFD-84 is used as EHSI a cover plate is installed on the bezel assembly over the area that would otherwise be occupied by the inclinometer. Each EFD contains a CRT, deflection yoke, video and deflection amplifiers and high-voltage power supply. The CRT is a Collins specified custom high resolution color tube. Collins Pro Line II EFIS 84 System, GPS: Garmin GNS-400 WAAS, Coms: Collins VHF-22C - Dual, Navs: Dual Collins VIR-32's, ADC: Shadin ADC 2000, Transponders: Dual Collins TDR-94D's Autopilot: Collins APS 65H, EFIS: Collins EFIS 84 2 Tube, ADF: Collins 60A, DME: Collins 42, Radio Altimeter: Collins ALT 55B, Multifunction Display: Garmin GMX 200.

FEATURESCollins Efis 84 Manuallastevil
  • Electronic display unit used to depict navigation and attitude information in EFIS-84 System
  • Used in conjunction with DSP-84 Display Select Panel and DPU-84 Display Processor Unit
  • Mulitcolor CRT display
  • Will display additional information such as weather radar, navaid/waypoint locations, FCS mode annunciation, and diagnostic messages
  • As EADI (Electronic Attitude Director Indicator), EFD will display aircraft pitch and roll attitude, autopilot mode annunciations, vertical deviation, lateral deviation, autopilot engage status, attitude/heading comparator warings, and decision heights
  • Other displays as function of pilot selection or operation mode include attitude source, radio altitude, excessive ILS deviation and comparator warning, fast/slow deviation or angle-of-attack deviation, and marker beacon
  • Interconnect strapping enables more display options such as crosspointer or command bars, speed deviation display inhibit, enable or inhibit rising runway, and enable or inhibit composite format in reversion
  • As EHSI (Electronic Horizontal Sitaution Indicator), EFD will display compass heading and sensor type annunciation, selected heading, primary VOR/LOC course arrow or LNAV desired track, and navigation sensor annunciation for primary course
  • Displays lateral deviation from selected course including annunciation of type, to/from information, distance to station/waypoint, bearing pointer sensor annunciations, vertical deviation, NAV data display of ground speed, wind, time-to-go or elapsed time, preselected course arrow, digital selected course/desired track readout, weather radar target alert, DR, MSG, and waypoint alert when LNAV selected as active course, excessive ILS deviation, ILS and heading comparator warnings, alternate heading annunciation, back course annunciation, and DME hold annunciation
deviation from selected courseEfis

Collins Efis 85

  • Provides high temperature warning output that can drive external annunciator
  • Various bezel trim rings and colors available (see table below)