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Eagle Pass Games is the new stop for everyone who is looking for the best free online games. There are thousands of free games available online and many more are being released on daily basis but not all the games are worth your time. Finding the good quality games can be difficult at times because most sites focus on quantity rather than quality. They do not shy away from adding all kinds of games regardless of their quality. However, we at Eagle Pass Games strictly uphold quality over quantity.

We at eaglepassgames are always open to suggestions from our viewers because ultimately they are the ones who spend time playing the games on the site. This does not mean that we compromise on the quality of games. Our team plays each game a number of times before the games get uploaded on the site. This is not just to make sure that the games are entertaining but also to make sure that the games do not contain any objectionable elements because we are aware that our site is very popular amongst the kids as well. We strive hard to ensure that these kids that spend time on our site do not get exposed to any elements that can corrupt their minds. Many parents have already shown high level of trust on us and we promise to keep this trust forever. So, the site is not just a place for absolute entertainment but it is also a very safe place for players of all age group.