This purposefully 3D animated game is the best in its category and popular among internet users currently. Cubefield brings the notion that you are in control, and you are mandated to save yourself from colliding with a series of cubes that are flushed out of nowhere from your screen. In this scenario, you are a small triangle located at the center of the
Cubefield free game

Cubefield is a fast-paced endless flying game that tests your reactions and your driving skills. It really shouldn't be that difficult not to crash your vehicle into a cube on the street, right? Find out just how much trouble driving straight ahead can be in Cubefield. Move your little space ship left and right to avoid crashing. Cubefield If the game doesn't load immediately, give it a couple seconds, then refresh the page. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Cubefield Free Game

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screen surrounded by a world of cubes that are coming simultaneously on both side at different speeds depending on your level of playing. The more proficient you are, the faster the cubes will be coming straight at you attempting to hit you. Using your left and right key on your computer, you are able to maneuver your way around this cruel environment and propel yourself to greater height and a higher level that is more difficult and the cubes are coming at you at a higher frequency. Not to mention, the new version of the game has introduced 40 new levels. The unfortunate thing about the game is, once a cube hits you, the game ends and all your progress eliminated. You are required to start again and build a new reputation. This game requires very keen attention and decision-making skills that are reflective of the consequences of your actions, which in this case are your moves. Your mind will be captured so as your imagination. Pressure will mount you and your emotions will heighten as you strive to save yourself from a cube hitting you. Your creativity will be tested and in the end boosted, as you become a pro in the game. The game is very important if you are seeking to relax and get things off your mind for a couple of hours. Besides, it is also very influential in decision making because it makes you think three to four steps ahead before making a move or a decision that would otherwise destroy you. You can apply the same in real life.

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