Cue 16 Reflections

Registration is now open for upcoming Cued Speech classes!

  1. Plan For the cue ball to roll into the pocket at B, it must hit point C on side A somewhere in between where it sits now and the pocket at B. Use the reflection of point B on the continuation of the line that B lies on to help find this point. Minimize Distance by Using a Reflection Connect the cue ball with B' using a line.
  2. Luxibel B NARROW High power LED Movinghead, 150 led spot (16 degrees beam) 150W LED Narrow Spot Moving Head The B Narrow is a powerful spot with a 150W white LED engine is pushed through a special narrow glass optic to deliver high output, even at longer distances.
  3. Cuetec cues provide more cue for your money! Cuetec's composite cladding of graphite or fiberglass completely encases the solid wood core in an armor of high-tech synthetic material. This Power Bonding protects the cue from warping by locking out moisture. This cladding provides dent resistance, and adds tremendous strength to your Cuetec cue.


Johns Model of reflection Johns model is based on five cue questions which enable you to break down your experience and reflect on the process and outcomes. John (1995) used seminal work by Carper (1978) as the basis for his model exploring aesthetics, personal knowing, ethics and empirics and then encouraging the reflective practitioner to. Step 1: Locate the reflection of the 8 ball. The rail (red line) is equidistant from the 8 ball and the reflection. Step 2: Draw a line from the side pocket to the reflection. We now know the line along which the 8 ball should travel in order to go into the side pocket. The intersection of the red and blue lines is the location of point P.

Beginning Cued Speech and Building Fluency classes offered via Zoom!

Beginning Cued Speech:

Prerequisite: None.

The 4-week course will consist of 16 classroom hours, with two 2-hour classes per week. The course will present all Cued Speech handshapes and placements and will cover basic information needed to implement the system independently. Course completion certificates will be available for participants who complete all 8 lessons.

Classes start Monday, February 1st, 2021, and will be held Mondays and Thursdays: 6:30-8:30 p.m. (EST), throughout the month.

Instructor is Maureen Bellamy, NCSA-certified Instructor of Cued Speech. Register here: Beginning CS Class Registration.

Registration closes Friday, January 29th at 11:00 p.m. (EST) (or whenever registration reaches class capacity).

The class is taught in spoken English and is intended for adults. (Remote captioning is available upon request.)

Email questions to [email protected]

Building Fluency:

Prerequisite: Completion of Beginner and Beyond-the-Basics classes.

The 4-week course will consist of eight classroom hours, with one 2-hour class each week, plus 2 optional practice sessions. Increase your cueing accuracy and fluency by cueing increasingly challenging words and phrases and incorporating liaisons. Course completion certificates will be provided to participants who complete all classes.

Classes start February 2nd, 2021, and will be held Tuesday nights throughout February from 6:30-8:30 p.m. (EST).

Instructor is Angela Laptewicz, NCSA-certified Instructor of Cued Speech. Register here: Building Fluency Registration

Registration closes Friday, January 29th at 11:00 p.m. (EST) (or whenever registration reaches class capacity).

The class is taught in spoken English and is intended for adults. (Remote captioning is available upon request.) The class is taught in spoken English and is intended for adults. (Remote captioning is available upon request.)

Email questions to [email protected]

MARCH, 2021:

Beginning Cued Speech taught in American Sign Language offered via Zoom!

Beginning Cued Speech taught in ASL:

Prerequisite: None.

The 4-week course will consist of 16 classroom hours, with two 2-hour classes per week. The course will present all Cued Speech handshapes and placements and will cover basic information needed to implement the system independently. Course completion certificates will be available for participants who complete all 8 lessons.

Classes start Sunday, March 7th, 2021, and will be held Sundays: 3:30-5:30 p.m. (EST) and Wednesdays: 6:30-8:30 p.m. (EST), throughout the month.

Instructor is Hilary Franklin, NCSA-certified Instructor of Cued Speech. Register here: Beg CS taught in ASL.

Registration closes Sunday, February 28th, at 11:00 p.m. (EST) (or whenever registration reaches class capacity).

The class is taught in ASL and is intended for adults.

Email questions to [email protected]

Virginia Hoang joins National Cued Speech Association Board of Directors!

After gaining experience for many years as a Cue Camp Virginia volunteer, a CCVA Director, and an officer of the NVCSA, Vi volunteered - and was voted in by the Board - to serve as the NCSA Director of Community Engagement for the next three years. In that capacity she will work with the Regional Representatives in the 12 regions around the country to host informational and social activities for family groups and professionals. You can reach out to her at [email protected] (No- she's not leaving NVCSA or CCVA!)

NCSA's new 3-year term started in September of this year. We are part of the Capital Region which consists of VA, MD, DC, DE and WV. Our Regional Representatives are Maureen Bellamy (returning for her second term), [email protected], and Sarah Katz (new to the Board this term), [email protected]

Learn more about the Board members and the NCSA at

Registration is now CLOSED for January Cued Speech classes! 'Beginning Cued Speech' and 'Beyond the Basics' classes are in progress.

Upcoming Holiday Parties via Zoom!

NVCSA’s annual Holiday Party will be held via Zoom in conjunction with December Cues-on-Tap on Saturday, December 12th from 7:00 p.m. to midnight (EST). If you’re a regular, you’ll get an email with the Zoom link. If you’re new to the event, the Zoom link will be posted on the “Cues on Tap – Fairfax” Facebook page at 7:00 p.m. We won’t be serving the usual food and libations, but feel free to bring your own and join us for good company and holiday cheer!

Suzy Brown (of Halloween Party fame) will host our Children’s Winter Holiday Party on Friday, December 18th at 7:00 p.m. EST. Children in grades K-6 are welcome to participate in cueing games and holiday fun. An Evite will be coming out soon. Email [email protected] if you know a child who would like to attend.

NVCSA's Charity Golf Event a big success!

Sneaking in right after the remnants of Hurricane Sally, our golfers enjoyed perfect weather at the beautiful Bristol Manor Golf Club. Despite its postponement in the spring, the rescheduled event on September 18th had a great turnout, with a number of returnees from prior years. Dinner and a raffle on the recently expanded patio were accompanied by the musical stylings of Aura d'Amore, the duo of Rose Boccuzzi and Pierre Guertin. More than a dozen friends and family members joined us for dinner. Thank you to the donors and sponsors, notably the Hanna Kwon and Do Kim family for their generous support of this annual event.

Proceeds will be used to support online classes, presentations, and activities, as well as scholarships for Cue Camp Virginia 2021.

Cue Camp Virginia 2020 Canceled! :-(

Accommodations at our beloved Jamestown 4-H Educational Center are not designed for social distancing, and Cued Speech instruction cannot take place with masks. We hope to see you in person at CCVA 2021!

Missing camp yet? We are(!) - so we’re partnering with Instructors, Presenters, and learning resources around the country to bring you Zoom classes and activities throughout the year. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all the generous donors who supported our DoMore24 online fundraiser! Your generosity will help fund our online instruction, presentations and social events. If you missed the online campaign, you can still contribute directly to NVCSA right here on our website!

Visit our Do More 24 page:

Question: I can see the organizational page now; should I donate early? The answer is YES! A generous donor has offered matching funds for early donations up to $1,000! Get a 2020 tax deduction for up to $300 of charitable giving, even if you take the standard deduction!

DoMore24 is a local movement, powered by United Way of the National Capital Area, that is leveraging the strength of the crowd to support the DC/MD/VA (DMV) region's dedicated nonprofits through focused, online giving; we are excited that NVCSA and Cue Camp Virginia is a participating nonprofit in the DMV's largest 24-hour online fundraiser for the third year in a row.

DoMore24 2020 will be held on Tuesday, May 5th (midnight to midnight), in conjunction with 2020 Gives Day, a reprise of Giving Tuesday to help nonprofits that are struggling financially during the pandemic. As with many nonprofits, NVCSA's fundraising is challenged by cancellation of group events (see the update on the Charity Golf Event below). Now more than ever we need your help as we plan and conduct online classes and activities for home-bound cuers and optimistically prepare for Cue Camp Virginia 2020!

The recent CARES Act 2020, passed to help small businesses, adds the provision that all taxpayers may deduct up to $300 in charitable donations from their 2020 taxes even if you are taking the Standard Deduction!

This is a wonderful way to incentivize donations to charitable organizations, and as you plan how best to capitalize on this new deduction, we hope that you will consider a donation to NVCSA and Cue Camp Virginia, either through our DoMore24 campaign or online through our website,, or by mailing a check to NVCSA (P.O. Box 2733, Fairfax, VA 22031) to avoid administrative fees.

Watch for more info here, and via email, Facebook (Cue Camp Virginia) and Twitter (@NoVaCuedSpeech).

Early giving starts April 29th; Can you give $24?

Beginning Cued Speech Classes via Zoom are a Success!

We've already completed three Beginning Cued Speech course via Zoom, with over 100 registered participants! The course, taught by Maureen Bellamy, NCSA-certified Instructor of Cued Speech, has attracted a wide range of attendees, including family members and friends, classroom teachers and IAs, school specialists and other professionals, transliterator-hopefuls, and people simply interested in learning something new. Overall, participants were happy with the Zoom venue (no commute!), the variety of times, and the available practice sessions. Check back here for more info or email questions to [email protected]

Links to Cued Children's Books

Are you at home with your preschool and school-age children? Enjoy some together time as you watch experienced cuers read and cue some favorite books, stories, and nursery rhymes. Use the link in the menu or go directly to:

NVCSA Charity Golf Event Postponed until Fall

Check back here for the new date of the annual Charity Golf Event. This year we will return to scenic Bristow Manor Golf Course.

Washington Nationals Deaf Awareness Day Baseball Outing Postponed

The start of the Major League Baseball season has been postponed indefinitely. We hope to be able to reschedule this group outing when it is safe for players, employees, visitors and fans to return to the ballpark!

Save the Date: 2020 Walk for Hearing scheduled for Saturday, October 17th

The Walk4Hearing will again be held at the East Pier Tent/Plaza Stage at National Harbor (150 National Plaza, Oxon Hill, MD 20745). NVCSA is an Alliance organization, receiving 40% of all funds raised by walkers registering to support NVCSA. Visit the NVCSA display booth and join friends for an enjoyable family-friendly outing on a beautiful October morning! Learn more at

Wow - 30 Years of Cue Camp Virginia!! Reflections

A heartfelt THANK YOU to the incredible volunteers who have enabled the magic of Cue Camp Virginia for so many years! Special thanks to the 64 volunteers who made the 2019 camp so memorable; CCVA could not happen without you!

Cue 16 Reflections

Cue Camp Virginia 2019 from NVCSA on Vimeo.

Photos from Cue Camp 2019 from SlickPic.

Cue Camp Virginia 2018 video from NVCSA on Vimeo.

TEDx Presentation on Cued Speech

TEDx presentation on Cued Speech given during the summer of 2015 by Cathy Rasmussen, an educator with expertise in language and communication.

What is Cued Speech?

The first CueMom - 1985

What is Cued Speech?

Cued Speech is a finite system consisting of one hand synchronized with the natural mouth movements of spoken language. In English the hand shows eight different hand shapes, representing 25 different con- sonant sounds, used in four placements around the mouth, representing 15 unique vowel sounds. Neither speech production nor any level of audition is required for complete communication using Cued Speech.

Cued Speech helps the deaf person attach meaning to auditory information and helps to clarify the phonology of the spoken language.

Can Cued Speech Be Used With Other Communication Systems?

YES! Cued Speech complements all the various auditory and signed language approaches. The typical deaf cuer is flexible, able to communicate with speech, speechreading, Cued Speech, and signed language.

Why Should Cued Speech Be Used?

Literacy is the original and primary goal of Cued Speech. The cues provide unique, clear, and unambiguous access to each phoneme (sound) of a spoken language through visual information alone. This allows development of a complete internal map of every phoneme, regardless of whether or not it can be heard. The internal map and awareness of all phonemes enables acquisition of the complete language necessary for reading and comprehension above the rote level. Consistent use of Cued Speech at home and at school enables language acquisition and literacy at the rate of hearing peers. Cued Speech also supports the development of lipreading, auditory discrimination, and speech production.

Cued Speech has been adapted to more than 75 different languages and dialects. Cued Speech associations and centers are located around the world.

RESEARCH AND THEORY SUPPORT CUED SPEECH (Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center, Gallaudet University, Fall 2003, Vol 5. Iss. 1)

What is NVCSA?

The Northern Virginia Cued Speech Association (NVCSA) provides Education, Advocacy and Support for families and professionals who choose to use Cued Speech with deaf or hard of hearing children.

Cue 16 Reflections Circle

NVCSA sponsors family-oriented get-togethers throughout the year, as well as periodic informational events. NVCSA volunteers plan and staff Cue Camp Virginia, a family learning weekend held annually over the Columbus Day weekend to provide Cued Speech instruction and a sense of community to families and professionals who choose to use Cued Speech.

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