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Developer: 3KG Games

Dead Zed 2 is an awesome zombie survival game that fans of the Walking Dead are sure to love. A biological accident has turned the townspeople into zombies. The players job is to protect the house from zombies with a wide array of weapons which include hand guns, rifles, automatic weapons, and bows.
In addition to shooting zombies, you must find survivors who can help search for weapons and supplies, or to help protect the house with additional firepower. Upgrades consist of flood lights, barricades, an explosives lab, and a radio station.
Your mission is to keep yourself and the other survivors alive for 40 days amidst the zombie invasion. The zombies start off few and slow, but quickly increase their numbers and speed, requiring fast and accurate shooting skills to keep them at bay.
Use the town map to send search parties to different locations to find resources. Time points are awarded for killing zombies and are used to buy upgrades and repairs between rounds. Once an explosives lab is built, you can place mines on the ground before each round.
Controls / How To Play:
Mouse Control - point and click to shoot.
Q - swap weapons
Space - rage mode
R - reload
F - switch firing mode
1, 2, 3 - detonate remote bombs

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  1. Dead Zed is an awesome zombie shooting game made by 3KG Games and Notdoppler. Your goal is to survive 40 days, destroying waves of undead walkers to defend your base. Search for suvivors to make your survival a little bit easier. Better Dead Than Zed!
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Dead Zed 2 is an instant classic Hunting game for kids. It uses the Flash technology. Play this Shotgun game now or enjoy the many other related games we have at POG.