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Dead Zed is the first game in the online zombie game series called Dead Zed 1; the zombie game is an online game and one of the few fun shooting games that can be played for free online.

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Main goal

The plot of Dead Zed is simple; the player wakes up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and in 40 days help will arrive to save the players. The purpose of the game is to survive until rescue arrives in this fast-paced shooter game. After waking up a broadcast announced that help would be arriving in 40 days time and in this flash game surviving is the main aim of the game.

Play Fullscreen Dead Zed is an awesome zombie shooting game made by 3KG Games and Notdoppler. Your goal is to survive 40 days, destroying waves of undead walkers to defend your base. Search for suvivors to make your survival a little bit easier. Dead Zed 2: Dead Zed 2 is a free zombie-shooter game. Dead Zed 2 is a survival shooter set in the zombie apocalypse. It's time to mark your territory and defend it like a dog. OK, not exactly like a dog. You probably wanna do it with something better than pee. Free Zombie Games from AddictingGames. In Dead Zed, a first person fixed-screen shooting game, you must survive and prevent the dead from reaching you. You must utilize a variety of weapons and keep a steady hand when trying to down the walking dead. Join me as we learn the best ways to master the game and keep the world from falling into the cold hands of the undead. Dead Zed 3: Play free online games includes funny, girl, boy, racing, shooting games and much more. Whatever game you are searching for, we've got it here. Game details You are in the middle of the zombocalypse and you have to do everything, just survive. Grab the gun and try to stop all waves of zombies which comes after you. Shoot down zombies and don't let them to get you, to come in your building.


In Dead Zed, time is very important. In this shooting game the player must gain time by killing the waves on undead they will face; the hordes of zombies stumble towards the barn your group of survivors is calling home. The zombies are all the same and emerge from the fields where the player is waiting with their rifle; to win the level, the player must kill all of the zombies before they reach the barn. When they reach the barn the group is killed, eaten and turned into zombies. Getting headshots will reward the player by adding 10 seconds onto the timer, killing a zombie any other way will only add 5 seconds.

Clearing each level adds some time, the time allows the player to send a search party to a house on the map in search of weapons, items and other survivors. Each time the party goes out they may find something and bring it back or the group could fail at finding anything; it's also possible that someone in the group will become injured or even killed in the trip out.

Dead Zed Watermelon Gaming

Dead Zed Controls


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The game controls are simple however it is possible to find a gameplay walkthrough online if needed. To shoot the player needs to left click and to reload the player presses R or they can double left click. The player can switch between two weapons using 1 and 2 or can switch their fire mode with F. The music can be muted with M and the game can be paused by pressing Esc.

Dead Zed unblocked


There are cheats available for the game which can be found online to unblock all the guns and people have hacked all guns into their games. Dead Zed has also been game hacked in various other ways such as to add more time to the game.


Survival is not a sprint, but a marathon! Dead Zed 2 is not just about killing every single undead... dead. It's about surviving 40 days and 40 nights in the zombie apocalypse. Explore your environment and defend your position against the next wave of the living dead eager to take a bite out of you! Gather survivors, equip them and then barricade yourself well. Because zombies are getting tougher and more dangerous with each passing night.
Do you have what it takes to see another sunrise? Or will you end up as the bits between the teeth of some rotten undead freak? Use the different weapons to defend yourself as good as possible. Try to hit the zombies with a head shot to knock them out immediately and earn points to equip yourself with better arms. Be careful, some undead run towards you, so you better aim for them first. Can you kill them all before they invade your territory? Find out in Dead Zed 2, online and for free on!
Controls: Mouse = Aim / Shoot / Reload, Q = Switch Weapons, Space = Rage Mode, 1-3 = Detonate Bombs