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If you are a real estate broker, retailer, franchisee, or restaurateur currently involved in expansion, site selection, acquisition or disposition, a professional demographic report can be invaluable. We understand decisions are being made on major investments and these decisions must be based on the most accurate data available. This knowledge can give you an important piece of the puzzle you need in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Determine if a site has enough population or income to support a new location or current retail store. Compare locations to your site criteria and know if your customer is in the market. Study and analyze which potential investments would be most profitable. A complete informative profile can show you other decision making facts such as households, families, growth, racial makeup, sex by age, householders, housing, household structure, drive-time to work, educational attainment, and daytime densities. Our demographics are derived from the US Census and allow you to select and analyze up to 4 radii per report with a color ring map. You may choose any US site by street address, intersection, or coordinates including Alaska and Hawaii. If a radius or does not fit your trade area, we can also provide information using geographic boundaries such as cities, counties, zip codes, or MSAs. Need something more specific? Custom trade area reports are also available referenced from outlines you draw on a map. We can then input that into our GIS system and report on it.

Demographics reports are also used to develop future projections about the market. These predictions are then used to develop new products, hoping to meet the future needs of the consumer base. FWPD Demographics/Diversity Report. The Fort Worth Police Department publishes a quarterly demographic report as recommended by the City of Fort Worth’s Race and Culture Task Force. In 2017, the City Council appointed a 23-member task force to examine issues related to race and culture in Fort Worth.

Make Informed Decisions by Using Demographic Reports If you are a real estate broker, retailer, franchisee, or restaurateur currently involved in expansion, site selection, acquisition or disposition, a professional demographic report can be invaluable. Professional and unlimited reports Run a demographic report on your site to see a detailed list of demographics in your area. Our demographic reports provide the information you need in a clean, professional layout.

Are you a landlord or property manager that is buying, selling or leasing? Market your properties effectively by including our demographics in your marketing materials. Show your clients why they should buy your property or lease your space. Investors and developers can minimize risk by showing potential clients how they fit into a new project. Get more commitments and pre-lease more space before you invest or build. Appraisers can more accurately appraise values on commercial properties and lenders can evaluate if lending on a specific property is a good risk by using DemoReports.

Demographic Reports
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Demographic reports

With over twenty-five years of demography experience, we have helped several well known national chain retailers, real estate firms, and financial institutions with some of their most important projects. When it comes to selecting where to locate a new retail building, appraising, or giving a loan, you want to be sure you are working on locations that fit your criteria. A secondary location can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue while a competitor makes the profit you should have. Get the advantage by arming yourself with the tools that can put you ahead of the competition.

Variable Shaded Map

Variable Shaded Maps

Choose from a vast array of variables such as Total Pop., Average Household Income, Daytime Pop., Race, etc.

We help you visualize specific data in an easy to read format. Thematic presentations are color shaded by Block Groups which are much smaller than a Census Tracts or Zip Codes. They will allow you to see population densities and target areas matching your site selection criteria. This is a great tool for understanding where the densities of a variable lie in your market allowing you to search for locations that make sense. This could potentially save you a great deal of time. Once you narrow down neighborhoods that fit your criteria, run a full profile on them to compare sites and determine prime locations.

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