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Finding easy and affordable home decor ideas is often really hard. Where do you start? How do you find home decor pieces and furniture within your budget that will make your home come together? It’s often overwhelming. And that is why I am so excited to share some of my home decor vision boards with you today!

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I curated each one of these with a specific goal in mind: to make finding home decor ideas easy, affordable, and attainable. I want you to walk away from this feeling like you can re-create some of these looks yourself – with your own personal touch! Feel free to save any of this images to your Pinterest boards for later and happy decorating!

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My Home Decor Ideas

Outdoor Patio

Summer is just around the corner so I thought it would be fun to start with Patio decor ideas! When creating my vision for this space, I wanted to incorporate a laid-back boho vibe with very neutral and earthy tones. I also think this look is pretty timeless, making it easy to incorporate new pieces as time goes on!

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The Living Room

Ahhh the living room – definitely my favorite space in the whole house. It’s where we spend most of our time so I spent the most time curating the design for this room. My goal for the living room was to keep it minimal, with neutral tones and soft farmhouse touches. Give me all the cozy vibes!

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Kitchen / Casual Dining

Design Ideasmy Paperbuses

We recently remodeled our entire kitchen so be sure to check out that DIY post here. Most of these ideas I had before that remodel, but there are some parts of this space we need to complete like the breakfast nook/casual dining area. When curating this space, I definitely wanted to achieve a modern farmhouse chic vibe with splashes of green and earthy tones to tie it all together!

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Formal Dining Room


Having a formal dining room is definitely a bit old-fashioned but it was one of my favorite parts of the house when we first saw it! This room has the most simple design mostly because I want the table itself to be the center focus. Our dining room also has wainscoting around the entire room so that is a statement in and of itself!

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The Library

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We decided to convert our formal front room into a library since it ended up being the perfect space for it. I think there is something really special about designating a specific part of the house to a relaxing nook perfect for reading, drawing, or whatever hobby you enjoy! The vision for this room is pulled from the home decor ideas I had for other parts of the house as well, so it ties in a bit of all looks from rustic farmhouse to modern boho!

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The Master Bedroom

If I’m being honest, the vision I have for this room is still a work in progress! I definitely want a modern farmhouse chic look in this space but also want it to be super cozy and functional. I love how these base pieces can be designed in a variety of ways so it’s the perfect place to start for achieving the feel I am hoping for!

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The Office

I feel like I can’t fit everything I want for this space into one design board! The office has been a huge dream of mine for so long and it’s also one of the best places to get creative and find pieces that really make the space YOU. I decided to play with tones here mixing woods and metals and different textures. It’s definitely different but I love how the colors compliment each other making for the perfect modern chic office!

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Guest Bedroom


Last but not least, the guest bedroom! Again, I pulled home decor ideas from other spaces in the house when curating this design board and I think it pulls together the perfect farmhouse chic look. I love the earthy tones and bright, airy vibe that these pieces bring to light. Let me know below…would you love to stay in this room?

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That’s a wrap, friends! I hope you enjoyed browsing these design boards and gained some inspiration on home decor ideas. You can also shop these design boards and other decor inspiration on my profile or by connecting with me on the ‘gram here.

Drop a comment below and let me know which room is your favorite and be sure to check out my other Home Posts for more home decor ideas and DIY inspiration!

Design Ideasmy Paperbuses

Design Ideasmy Paper Buses For Sale