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Don't Whack Your Boss is here to help you release stress from your. boss. Here are a few graphics lessons in bad office behavior. Please, don’t do any of these things in real life. Because they hurt. Now with 24 different ways. Instruction: Use your mouse to play this game. Don't Whack Your Boss- especially not with a slough of crazy superpowers and ki blasts!! It's more carnage and bloody may. This boss just can't catch a break! Don't Whack Your Boss- especially.

Who wouldn’t want to whack their boss if given the chance?

Guess what? You really have a chance to express your anger on your boss without causing any negative result, guys.

By accessing to Whack Your Boss, you have the power to kill the virtual boss as many times as you want. The game gives you several simple yet dangerous objects (the clock, chair, ruler, scissors, pen, etc.) that you can take advantage to knock out your boss.

Are you ready to discover 7 different ways to send your boss to the heaven?


  • Manage your anger without harming a soul
  • 7 humorous items to whack your boss
  • 7 ways to release your anger on your boss more productive
  • Easy-to-play gameplay and animation effects


Whack Your Boss is a game by Tom Winkler.


This clicking action game is built to run in any web browser and now available to play on your mobile device.

If you don’t like the bloody, violent actions of the original game, you can try the less brutal version – download Whack Your Boss: Cartoon Land on Google Play.

Release Date

In November, 2014, Doodie presented Whack Your Boss, the first game of the “Whack Your…” series.

The sequel of this game called Whack Your Boss 2: Fantasy Edition was published in summer of 2016 by Doodie again. In the 2nd edition, everything is not different from the original game except the methods to kill your boss are more fantasy based. Also, you have just 10 kills instead of 24 like the prequel.

How to Play?

This game comes with a very easy gameplay. No boring at all, the chain of actions in Whack Your Boss really gets the rage out of you.

In order to insult or attack your aggressive boss, all you need to do is to tap any item in your office. Each object can help you take revenge on your boss in a ruthless yet hilarious way. See the boss character get whacked and you can relieve your stress built up in the reality.

Don't Whack Your Bossloads Of Cool Games To Play

The ultimate task here is to Whack Your Boss! Simply whack him as hard as you can by making use of lots of given weapons (umbrella, coffee cup, ruler, etc.) Or, if you don’t want to release the anger on your boss, you may want to Whack Your PC alternatively.

Whack Your Boss is the game letting you loose your stress, anxiety or frustration from the inner and throw all outside. If you are panic mentally at your workplace, try playing this to torture your virtual boss in many different ways.

Don't Whack Your Bossloads Of Cool Games Multiplayer

Are you able to find all ways of whacking him?


Click your left mouse to select an item for your action.


Whack Your Boss is definitely an incredible click-and-point game that you can savor on WhackingGame whenever you want, completely free of charge. To play this game as well as other flash games, you must install Adobe Flash Player.

Don't Whack Your Bossloads Of Cool Games Unblocked

Whack Your Boss runs well without trouble in any modern browser and is available as a mobile app. Did you enjoy the game? Then rate to support us!

Don't Whack Your Bossloads Of Cool Games Free Online Games

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