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Lucifera Santanico is a fanfiction author that has written 1 stories for Harry Potter. JAMIE: Anyone would think this was a little game. DOCTOR: No it is not a game. JAMIE: Of course it isn't, Doctor. People have died. The Daleks are all over the place, fit to murder the lot of us, and all you can say is you've had a good night's work. JAMIE: No, Doctor. Look, I'm telling you this. You and me, we're finished. God works in mysterious ways.this is the stock answer of every Catholic Priest and most Protestant clergy. When people need help and comfort; when it all falls apart or a loved one dies young, they get the “mystery story” as if God was a Divine Agatha Cristy book spinning mysteries with almost no clues.

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The likely hood of making military friends while living on The Island is quite high, and we have already said good bye to two families over the past year. I have decided the process of making new friends only to have them move a few months later absolutely stinks. I have also decided that the fruit you receive from putting yourself out there is totally worth it.

Every few years these families pack up everything they own to start over in a new place. Yes, they signed up for this, but no one understands the unique pressure this puts on a family. Each of the families that we have gotten to know have endured multiple deployments to scary parts of the world. The spouses of these soldiers are strong and caring, raising their children as single parents for months at a time. They do admit to moments of weakness, wondering why they agreed to this life style, but they are deeply patriotic, deeply committed, deeply spiritual. Their mobile life in the military seem to have given them a better understanding of gracious and inclusive living, and our transition to The Island would be not be as easy without them.

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So, today we say “We’ll see ya when we see ya” to some special friends. The heart ache is deep, but we are better for having shared these past months of musicals, drama classes, youth group activities, camp, coffee dates, and fabulous text streams of laughter and tears. God bless you McDees! We’ll see ya when we see ya.