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Instructions to play 'Playing With Fire Game': When playing Playing With Fire Game, use the arrow keys to move your bomberman around the screen. Play with fire using your spacebar to plant bombs. Destroy barrels, collect items and fire bomb your opponents! Add this game to your Blog or Website! Epic Coaster is a free online flash game. Use the mouse or arrow keys to jump. Try to keep your roller coaster for as long as possible by jumping from track to track. Features 80 achievements to unlock.

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FGA is dedicated to the preservation of flash based gaming. Emulation has been keeping console games alive for years, but flash games don’t have a console to emulate.


The Free Flash Game Archive software was built to allow the easiest Flash gaming experience. All game images are custom to ensure correct game depiction. We are currently working on higher resolution images for FGA Version 2.0!

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We didn’t want to leave adult games behind due to their content. However they are hidden behind a password that you control. You can also hide any game behind a password secure area.

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