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Excel Game iGo / Baduk / WeiQi

This is the oldest game continuously played until today by aprox 50 million people. Rules are simple but the game is complex and beautiful.
Added on: 03.01.2021

The games are simple, but pretty attractive if your office is still stuck in the dark ages of Microsoft. Crash Planning is disguised as an Excel spreadsheet. You swap colored planning blocks to. Crash Planning is just one of four games designed as office applications from CantYouSeeImBusy.com. The games are simple, but pretty attractive if your office is still stuck in the dark ages of. Excel games are fairly niche. Most of the time, they come from people learning VBA as part of a course or to expand their Excel skillset. Almost all games use a combination of VBA and handcrafted macros to deliver the fun, but Excel can also play host to many flash games. Be warned: the flash games are much harder to hide from other people!

Snake Game for Excel

Free game for Excel with 5 sequential levels of increasing difficulty, good gameplay and high scores shared with all players!
Added on: 12.12.2012

4 in a row (with one obstacle)

The aim of the game is to get four pieces of the same color lined up in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
Added on: 24.03.2019

Battle Sea in Excel

Excel version of the celeb game of the naval battle. Aboard a fleet of 6 vessels confront Excel.
Added on: 21.12.2016


Freecell is played with 52 cards dealt face-up in 8 columns. Move cards to complete the 4 family card stocks in ascending sort (Ace to king) to win the game.
Added on: 06.08.2018

Z DEFENSE : Mission Hellfest

Excel/VBA Game of Action/Fight against zombies, turn-based, in top view and in Metal music ambiance.
Added on: 05.10.2017

Excel Minesweeper

The goal of this puzzle game is to identify all mines spead on a grid based on clue found by clicking case.
Added on: 20.08.2019


YAHTZEE is a game played with 5 dice where the goal is to make best combinaisons possible in order to get maximum of points!
Added on: 13.11.2018

Fifteen Puzzle

Fifteen Puzzle in Excel.
Added on: 02.03.2015

15 puzzle game (and more)

The aim of 15 puzzle game is to sort ascending the numbers by inverting as many times as necessary the free slot with an adjacent case
Added on: 30.08.2020

The Match Game

Excel Games Golf


Excel Games Not Working

You play against the computer and take turns removing 1 to 3 matches. Whoever removes the last match wins.
Added on: 29.04.2012


Tic-Tac-Toe game in Excel VBA. Play against AI in 1 player mode or challenge a mate in 2 players mode, let the best one win!
Added on: 29.06.2018

Red Ball Game

Game for Excel which aims to successfully click on the ball in motion (with 3 difficulty levels).
Added on: 02.10.2015

Fifteen Puzzle

Fifteen Puzzle in Excel.
Added on: 29.04.2012

April 02, 2018 - by Tatiana Ufimtceva

There are many different ways to learn Excel, and each of them have its own advantages as different people have different learning styles. For those who like to learn with fun and real experience involved there is a gamified tool to learn Excel – Hot Key Excellence (www.hotkeyexcel.com).

Learning Pyramid

The global market for gamification in business overall is booming in our digital era. Why? Because it works! Look at the Learning Pyramid, researched and created by the National Training Laboratories in Betel, Maine.

The pyramid illustrates the percentage of learner recall that is associated with various approaches. The first four levels (lecture, reading, audio and visual and demonstration) are passive learning methods. The bottom two levels (discussion in groups and practice by doing) are active learning methods.

The Learning Pyramid clearly illustrates that active participation in the learning process results in a higher retention of learning.


When you learn Excel via Game by playing– you learn by doing, it’s fun and engaging and increases the learning speed up to 5 times.

Time is Money – “sharpen your saw” in Excel

Knowing and using Excel shortcuts, formulas and tricks can save you tons of time! Your priority should be to learn how to be mouse-free in Excel. You increase your speed up to 10 times when you get rid of the mouse. Getting comfortable using Excel without a mouse will take about 3–4 weeks.

With the mouse-free interactive game Hot Key Excellence (www.hotkeyexcel.com) you’ll build your Excel muscle memory 5 times faster as you can learn and try at the same time.

How Hot Key Excellence saves time

Excel Games

And now Hot Key Excellence is free to download and you can get additional topics you are interested in right from the trial version – download free version here.

It is mouse-free Monday. You will be faster in Excel if you learn some keyboard shortcuts. I am suggesting that you try to give up your mouse in Excel for one hour each Monday.

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