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A dog which leads an active, busy lifestyle is a happy dog. If you’re currently looking for fun, creative ways to keep your dog thoroughly entertained, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover a few suggestions on how you can keep your furry friend happy and busy.

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How to Keep Your Dog Busy:

Attend local meet ups with other dog owners and their dogs:

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As dogs are social animals and enjoy playing and interacting with other dogs, it’s well worth attending any local meet ups which are advertised in your area. You may find local meet ups posted on a notice board at your veterinary center or you may find meetups advertised online on social media sites such as Facebook.

Teach your dog new tricks:

No matter how old your dog is, you’ll be able to teach your dog a variety of new tricks. If you’re unsure of how to get started you may want to search for step by step tutorials on Youtube, which you’ll be able to follow with your own dog. As examples, you may want to teach your dog how to shake hands or how to dance around with you.

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Teach your dog to complete obstacle courses:

If you’re interested in racing obstacle courses with your furry friend, it’s well worth attending a local class. As you’ll be shown how to teach your dog to complete obstacle courses with you. If your dog has a knack for completing fun dog friendly obstacle courses, you may even want to


Treat your dog with the best rawhide:

If you’d love to be able to treat your dog to a scrumptious snack which is made out of rawhide. As an example, most dogs love chewing on toy bones which are made out of rawhide. One of the bonuses of giving your dog something to feast on is that it will take them several hours to finish chewing on a single piece of the best rawhide. Just be sure to choose your rawhide carefully as the quality of rawhide varies greatly from one brand to another.

Explore a new dog park:

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Use Google Maps to search for dog parks in your town or city as if you’re lucky you’ll discover a few dog parks which you’ve never visited before. As your dog will get excited if you unleash it at a new dog park.

Find a dog-friendly beach to explore:

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You may be lucky enough to live within a short walk or drive of a dog-friendly beach. Where you’ll be able to play endless games of fetch with your pooch. If your dog is comfortable playing in shallow water, you can throw a tennis ball or stick into the shallow water for your dog to fetch. Alternatively you may want to put a life jacket on your dog in order to take it stand up paddle boarding or kayaking.

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So if you’re always looking for new ways to keep your dog entertained, it’s definitely worth using all of the fun suggestions which are listed above in order to keep your dog happy and busy.