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Fetty Wap's onslaught continues. Fresh off his XXL Freshmen selection, the Paterson, New Jersey native drops 'Sumn Quick' to hold listeners over before he unleashes his next hit. 'Sumn Quick' has loosie written all over it's not as polished as some of Fetty's other joints. But with Yung Lan on the beat and Fetty's harmonies and ad-libs, an unfinished track from the Freshman is still more listenable than plenty of other music out there. With 65,000+ spins on SoundCloud in just over 12 hours, 'Sumn Quick' proves that Fetty is easily one of the hottest artists in the game right now and people are tuned into his every move. Check out 'Sumn Quick' above.

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At the XXL Freshmen shoot, Fetty spoke candidly about being selected for the cover and had the following to say about the achievement, 'To be a XXL Freshman, to me, just means to work hard. This wasn’t ever my goal. My goal was to make sure my family ain’t have to work anymore. This is an accomplishment. I never pictured myself on the cover. I just started rapping. The other main reason is because everybody knows me because of “Trap Queen.” I got fans that know the rest of my music but for the most part that’s the only song everyone know. I didn’t think it was going to be like that. I just kept working hard for it. Now when people look up the accomplishments of Fetty Wap, fans are going to see he was a XXL Freshman.'

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Check out Fetty's XXL Freshman freestyle below.