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Let me show you an island located in southwest Pacific Ocean on Facts about Macquarie Island. It earns the World Heritage Site from UNESCO. Since 1900, Macquarie Island was a part of Tasmania, Australia according to politics. In 1978, Macquarie Island earned the status as a Tasmanian State Reverse. In 1997, it was included in the list of World Heritage UNESCO. Until 1993, it became a part of Esperance Municipality. The island is notable due to the amazing flora and fauna. Here are other useful facts about Macquarie Island.

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Facts about Macquarie Island 1: the royal penguin population

During the annual nesting season, the royal penguin can be found living in Macquarie Island.

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  2. It is interesting because it is very old forest, and is a living record of 415 million years of evolution, going back to Pangea and Gondwana. All of Australia's marsupials, and many of its other animals, evolved in tropical rainforests, and many of their closest surviving ancestors still live in the Wet Tropics of Queensland.
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Fun Factsmacquarie Island Beach

Facts about Macquarie Island 2: the permanent base

The permanent base has been formed in Macquarie Island by AAD or Australian Antarctic Division since 1948. The base is called the Macquarie Island Station. Nearby the base, you can find a helicopter.

Think about the main countries north and west of Australia, the location and cycling of the Indian Ocean, the location of Macquarie Island down low and how some of the rubbish from these places will be circulated around anti- clockwise and ultimately find its’ way down to the very turbulent weather zones of 40, 50 and 60 degrees of southern latitude – blown straight across to Macquarie.

Facts about Macquarie Island

Facts about Macquarie Island 3: population

The only human inhabitants are concentrated on the base. The annual population is only 20 to 40 human inhabitants.


Facts about Macquarie Island 4: closing the research station

An announcement was made by AAD that the research station would be closed in 2017. However, it seems that the research station will not be closed because the Australian Government announced its funding to improve the infrastructure in the island.

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Facts about Macquarie Island 5: the high points

The south features two high points of Mounts Hamilton and Fletcher with the height of 1,345 feet or 410 meter. The northeast part features Mount Elder with the height of 1,263 feet or 385 metres.

Macquarie Island Facts

Facts about Macquarie Island 6: climate

According to the Koppen climate classification, Macquarie Island has the tundra climate. In June and October, it is prevalent to have snow in Macquarie Island. The summer season is cool. Due to its proximity to the sea, it has moderate climate.

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Facts about Macquarie Island 7: the daily temperature

In July, it has the daily maximum temperature of 40.8 degrees F or 4.9 degrees C. The average precipitation is rated at 38.11 inches or 967.9 mm.

Facts about Macquarie Island 8: the sunlight

Macquarie Island only receives 856 hours of sunlight annually. That is why it is included in the list of the cloudiest places on the planet.


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Facts about Macquarie Island 9: plants


Most plants in Macquarie Island will not grow with the height more than 1 meter. In some sheltered areas, Poa foliosa may have the height up to 2 metres.

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Facts about Macquarie Island 10: the types of plants

Macquarie Island does not have any woody plants. It is a home of liverworts, mosses, vascular plants and lichens.

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Fun Factsmacquarie Island Hawaii

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