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Joe’s Engine Shop is here to meet your full-service auto machining needs! Backed by state-of-the-art facilities, decades of proven experience and a love of the combustion engine, we’re equipped to work on most vehicles, unlocking the power and potential of your engine’s performance. Engine Shop, Middletown, New York. Engine Machine Shop Services. Ateco Engine and Dyno Shop has been serving the Northern Illinois region for more than 50 years with exceptional, wide-ranging service. We have four full-time ASE-certified machinists who provide customers with 100-plus combined years of experience in making every machine run at peak performance. Your MG/Triumph 1500 engine specialist. Have your engine rebuilt or buy one already rebuilt.

Gallery Of Machines LLC is a precision machine tool rebuilder that has been in the machine tool rebuilding business for thirty-five years. We are proficient at rebuilding and re-manufacturing machine tools along with retrofitting CNC and PLC controls. Gallery is a full service rebuilder in that we have a pattern shop, fabrication shop, sandblast room and large paint booth. Operations performed include: machining acme screws and nuts, spur and cluster gears with or without internal splines, way grinding, surface grinding, TIG, MIG, & stick welding, shearing, bending and forming, electrical drawings and electrical wiring. We have also designed machines from scratch for customers.

Our decades of buying, selling, and rebuilding machine tools have taught us that American made machines are by far the best in the world. In particular, the cast iron is harder and has better wear characteristics than European or Asian iron. Additionally, American engineered machine tools are designed to last twenty to thirty years and beyond, whereas imported machines are made to last a minimal amount of time. Because of this quality new American made machines have become unaffordable. For those people who know quality and demand the best the most economical means of obtaining that end is to rebuild an older American made machine tool. Gallery Of Machines LLC can rebuild your machines to better than new tolerances for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Galleryjmac Engine Shop For Sale

Machine Shop Prices

Galleryjmac Engine Shops

Short Block Teardown - price starting at:$ 45 - 65
Long Block Teardown - price starting at:$ 65 - 85
Jetwash Sheetmetal - price starting at:$ 22.50
Belt Surface Exhaust Manifolds$ 25/ea
Connecting Rods
*R&R Piston (Pin Fit) Ea $ 18.00
*Resize Rods (Ea) $ 19.00
*Resize Rods w/ Pistons On (Ea) $ 16.00
*Install & Pin Fit Bushing (Ea) $ 18.50

*Price is for 2 or more. Price for 1 is higher.

(please call)

Hang Pistons (New Rods) Ea

$ 6.00
Jetwash Crankshaft $ 28.75
Polish Crankshaft $ 52.50
Weld Crankshaft $ 64.00
Machine / Polish - price starting at: $105.00

Galleryjmac Engine Shop Reviews

Cylinder Heads
Vacuum Test $ 18.50
Pressure Test$ 45.00
Mill Head (4/6/8 cyl)$ 45.00
Sonic Clean Head$ 22.50
Engine Blocks
Sonic Clean Block$ 45.00
Bake, Shotpeen, Tumble$ 70.00

Bore / Hone Cylinders (each)

- price starting at:

$ 21.10

Deck Block (V6 & V8)$115.00
Line Hone Block$120.00
**Assembly -
Call for current pricing!
2 Stroke Cylinders
Call for current pricing!
Other Machine Work
Call for current pricing!

Galleryjmac Engine Shop New York

**Please note that we will only do assembly work on engines where we supply parts. We will not assemble with customer supplied parts.

Please note prices are for gasoline engines. Prices for diesel engines are higher, please call for pricing.