Game 105: July 1, 2016the Initials Game

Game 105: July 1, 2016the Initials Game

Game 105: July 1 2016 The Initials Game 6

On this page you will find all the Daily Themed Crossword July 1 2018 Answers.This is a brand new crossword puzzle game developed by PlaySimple Read more Old atlas initials: Abbr. Below you will be able to find all today’s: Crosswords with Friends July 1 2017 Answers. Crosswords with friends is the new version of the Daily Celebrity Crossword which was created by PuzzleSocial inc. Now Daily Celebrity is part of the biggest gaming company Zynga Inc. The game will remain the same but its name is going to change. On July 14, 1978, the Yankees were 14 1 ⁄ 2 games behind the Red Sox. In late July, Martin suspended Reggie Jackson for 'defiance' after he bunted while Martin had the 'swing' signal on. 73 Upon Jackson's return, Martin made a famous statement against both Jackson and owner Steinbrenner: 'They deserve each other.

Game 105: July 1 2016 The Initials Games

  1. Location: The Ranch
    7-km trail run
    Similar course to the 2009 trail run event.
  2. Location: The Ranch
    Similar to the 2009 deadlift ladder, where 1 rep is performed every 30 seconds through a series of 20 barbells that each increase in weight.
    Men: 425-435-445-455-465-475-485-495-505-515-525-535-545-555-565-575-585-595-605-615 lb.
    Women: 275-285-295-305-315-325-335-345-355-365-370-375-380-385-390-395-400-405-410-415 lb.
    Athletes will lift in the reverse order that they finish the run. Last on the run will lift first. First on the run will lift last.
    The deadlift ladder will begin 10 minutes after the last athlete completes the run.
  3. Location: The Ranch
    50 wall-ball shots
    Hill sprint with med ball
    Men use 30-lb. ball
  4. Event 4 - Ocean Swim
    Thursday, 9 a.m. PT
    For time:
    Athletes will start on the beach, swim out around 2 buoys, then finish back on the beach.
  5. Location: Soccer Stadium and StubHub Center Grounds
    For time, with a 20 / 14-lb. weight vest:
    Then, 5 rounds of:
    40 push-ups
    Then, 1-mile run
    Each athlete will wear weighted body armor for the duration of the event.
    Time cap: 55 minutes
  6. Event 6 - Squat Clean Pyramid
    Location: Tennis Stadium
    10 squat cleans (245 / 165 lb.), by 2:00
    6 squat cleans (285 / 195 lb.), by 6:00
    2 squat cleans (325 / 215 lb.), by 11:00
    Similar to Event 1 at this year’s regionals, athletes will progress through 5 stations at increasing weights with decreasing reps. Athletes who do not complete all the reps at a given bar before the cut-off time will be given credit for the reps they completed at their last bar and then ranked based on the time at which they finished their last full segment.
  7. Location: Tennis Stadium
    12 deadlifts (155 / 105 lb.)
    6 push jerks (155 / 105 lb.)
    Time cap: 15 minutes
  8. Location: Soccer Stadium
    500-m berm run
    40-ft. Snail push
    Each round the athletes will run up and around the berm, then proceed to the Snail for a 40-foot push. *Each time they pass through the rig they will complete 2 rope ascents (twice during rounds 1 and 2, once on the final round).
    Time cap: 21 minutes
  9. Location: Tennis Stadium
    For time:
    15 back squats (225 lb.)
    9 ring handstand push-ups
    20 burpees
    21 overhead squats (185 lb.)
    Scoring table drops to 50-point event for men who fail to complete the first round (first set of 20 burpees).
    15 back squats (165 lb.)
    6 ring handstand push-ups
    20 burpees
    21 overhead squats (125 lb.)
    2 ring handstand push-ups
    Scoring table drops to 50-point event for women who fail to complete 1 rep of the ring handstand push-up. The time of completion of each set of burpees will be used as a tiebreak.
  10. 40 box jumps (30 / 24-inch)
  11. Points available: 50 points
    Location: Soccer Stadium

    280-ft. handstand walk for time

  12. Location: Soccer Stadium
    On the same 280-ft. course as the Handstand Walk, athletes will run ⅓ of the way down and back, then ⅔ of the way down and back, then sprint the full length to the finish line.
  13. Location: Soccer Stadium
  14. Event 14 - Rope Chipper
    Location: Tennis Stadium
    200-m SkiErg
    200-m row
    0.4-mile Assault Air Bike
    200-m row
    200-m SkiErg
    Athletes will use a jump rope with a weighted handle.
    Time cap: 11 minutes
  15. Location: Tennis Stadium
    3 pegboard ascents
    2 pegboard ascents
    1 pegboard ascent